Yongary vs Pulgasari

Well, this vs is going to be an odd one for this week, and a lot of times I have seen this mentioned, it usually is out of sheer goofiness and a joking undertone. Well here at classic giant monsters, We have no standards! Joking aside, I figure I would work on this concept there is a lot of history between the two films and I really don’t like both of them. I might see about doing a review on Pusangri sometime shortly. But back to the content,

The idea of the story

I thought about this for a while mostly because I see sheer value in trying new things that people don’t expect. Sometimes you get some interesting reactions when you try something new with a brand that isn’t usually out there. So I figured that why not do this blog involving two characters that were never appealing to me when I first saw the films. The designs never impressed me as well. But I will give credit where credit is due. Some of the abilities and stories that come with them are very creative in this. I will not talk too much about the stories here and there as I believe I will leave those links down below for the week.

(The minotaur is the closet I can get to Pulgasari)


Now let’s get into talking about the metal-eating giant known as Pulgasari. You heard right, this giant is known for eating metals out there including a few swords here and there. To be more specific, the metals are iron that makes the creature grow to an amazing size.

this creature also seems to have a super-strength shown in the movie(We might someday cover it on this website.) along with a mention of absorbing heat to increase the combat ability with melee. This makes the creature just a little more dangerous than your average bear right there.

Having combat abilities will be very useful to this interaction of war. There is a weakness within the creature that might be exploited in this fight to the death. the only problem with this is the creature itself was create from the blood of a blacksmith’s daughter to bring the beast alive. Maybe this could be a way to defeat the monster in some way.

We will see later on in this vs.





Let’s go right into this one as I am going a little crazy from having to talk about this one.

there aren’t many negatives I will say about the overall design of the creature. I just find the design from the movie very poor in taste to the point where it feels like they were just copying another one’s work to get the idea off the ground with the minimum of hard work.

The overall design has a dinosaur-like design that does grow on me with just how menacing the creature appeared. The horn just tops off the dino factor that would have made the character more realistic. I think it would also make the creature more appealing, to say the least. But let’s go over the abilities of the creature at this point.

First, let’s talk about how durable this creature is, It is a no-brainer that this one would be durable as that is the way it managed to survive an entire movie right up till the end.

Next, we should see about focusing on the fire that emits from Youngary’s mouth. which reveals the ability to breathe fire in a stream much like a typical flame thrower before it. Just how destructive this is you ask? Well, what I will say is don’t get too close to this one, you might end up burned in the long run.

Now let’s talk about the horn on top of its nose, This is part of the monster that I find actually interesting. The main reason is that it uses a type of laser that cuts through anything. It does remind me of the ability of Gyaos

Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the weakness of this creature as all weaknesses

the biggest weakness that does stand out for Younggary has to be the fact the blood from a wound with this creature can be used against it in a way that turns out to be the most painful (You guys who have seen the movie know what I am talking about.)

the area of the fight

Obviously, this fight should be where both of these movies were made, Korea. The biggest reason is that region is where these films are based and have many opportunities within that region with how diverse it is. There is just so much potential for something to go right or wrong for both of these types of creatures.

the winner

In all honesty, I thought there was going to be another clear winner on both sides of this one. But this is the first time I came across something I wouldn’t think would happen here, I am disagreeing with the voting poll for the first time.

But the winner on my end of this has to be Pulgasari. I think the biggest advantage that Pulgasari has over Younggarry has to be the fact the only way to kill the creature is to kill the one who resurrected it with their blood. Between that and the fact, he can absorb the heat to increase its abilities in close combat with its claws.


But as per usual, the votes and the links will be down below for the people to decide.

Twitter voting poll


Pulgasari(DVD only)

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