Ymir vs Gurion

We are at war once again as we have two titanic beasts dueling for supremacy with each other. this one is going to be one for the ages as another month of classic giant monsters pass by with more content each day with a new vs called. Pictures were taken by Brooklyn Museum



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Ymir vs Gurion

The knife monster named Gurion

We know how dangerous this beast is when he fought Gamera. We saw just how sharp this one is to the point of cracking the poor turtle’s shell. Not only that, But we are also faced with a shirk en throwing beast that will pierce your skin like crazy.

Not only that, We see just how mean this beast of burden is with that Gyos that was made into mincemeat right there.

This one is also known to fly with amazing precision. This one is sharp so be careful or you will get cut.

The downside to this beast is that it isn’t very smart in the sense that it will do something really stupid because it acts before it thinks. (Reminds me of that one relative who does before they think.) Also, something to keep in mind is that this thing is a literal knife that will jump and get stuck in place if something was to happen during its flight.

The beast named Ymir

Now we get to meet our newest contestant of the giant monster wars named Ymir who has one ability that could put this beast at the advantage as he can grow constantly because he would be exposed to oxygen. It seems like the bigger this creature gets, the more impervious to pain it becomes. Not only that, but this creature also seems to have smarts that match what humans are capable of making this one another factor inside this fight.

But there is a couple of things that will but it at a disadvantage. It is a passive creature that will avoid conflict whenever it can and happily much on all the sulfur it wants. The creature is also very shocking when dealing with electricity as it feels the electrical results to the point of being paralyzed.

The being paralyzed part is a bit concerning when you take a look at the opponent the creature is fighting against. Another thing to think about is what it is used to fighting. after all. it only manages to fight humans and an elephant during its movie debut. needless to say while the fight was enjoyable it felt a little lackluster to me as there wasn’t too much destruction other than a car being destroyed and a guy being through around only to be crushed to death. You don’t really see this beast tearing buildings apart by no means. That does raise alarm bells when something so big cant knock over even a hydrant for the city.


The place

Well, now we are at a point where we need to find a place that these two beasts of burden can duke it out. I got to find one place that would be so fitting to play this fight out to the letter. There are islands and planets that could fit these two since they both are alien creatures I assume that it would be very fitting to send it to the stars guys. And what better place would be fitting than the planet called mars? Desolate and unforgiving this is perfect for these beasts that fill our minds with everything going on. So with that out of the way we got ourselves that perfect planet we can enjoy the fight over.

The end result

In this one, We are going to have to dive deep into the ideas and what the conclusion is. we are seeing a knife that has some penetration that can easily cut through many hard surfaces with ease though it doesn’t help if you don’t have the brain to boot. So, all in all, I would say our winner for this months clash of the champions goes to the Yimir from 20 million miles to earth. the main reason is that the Yimir though isn’t as aggressive as Gurion, We know that this beast can flip the switch in a heartbeat. And then of course you have the size advantage this beast will gain if left to its own devices.


This is going to be a bit of an apology for not having my content out on time Monday due to technical difficulties on my end. But I am one for taking accountability for my actions so all and all at least the content was back up the next day. I would also like to remind everyone here that even though people will say that a virus will last forever and things will be the new normal people have dealt with viruses before. So if that should tell you anything it should be a sign that we will get over this and we will overcome it. Nothing like this ever lasts forever. As per usual, I will have my links below the content and I hope you all have a lovely day and I will see you on the next blog.


A small note: Normally, I try to find pictures to fit the imagery of each creature inside the VS, But trying to find an alien creature like the Ymir is not an easy feat. So I am just going to say if I find something later I will include these symbols in my content() with the picture.


20 Million miles to earth Prime only


Gamera vs Gurion prime only

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