Yimer the space monster vs King Kong

It is that time as we get through January with a vs blog for the week. (granted this is a little weird considering by the time you get this the last Monday will be over, But hey things will be back to normal here in no time.) But getting that detail out of them was, this is another vs brought to you once again by classic giant monsters. Pictures were taken by


Database Center for Life Science (DBCLS)

Elisha Muwanguzi

The growing Ymir

let me start this with a monster you might not be too aware of. But to do a little recap, Ymir is a space monster from 20,0000 miles that was in an egg and eventually hatched to perform some massive destruction on Italy. So let’s go over the usual strengths of each character within,

The strengths of yimir are going to be the most noteworthy of the size growing could be a factor. To explain, there is a little bit of spoiler within, But to put it short and sweet, the creature grows when breathing in carbon dioxide. Because the planet the creature came from has little oxygen, it is the size of a doll but when it comes to earth, that is when it intakes oxygen from the earth. (And that is your science lesson of the day) One more thing to think about. This creature doesn’t have vital organs. It is still unknown if The creature can be killed by normal means. But still, the creature is killable if given to the right opponent.

So you can just imagine just how powerful this creature could be. With that in the back of everyone’s mind let’s go right ahead and discuss the one major weakness that is going to play a factor in this vs for the week.

electricity, Now that can be a powerful thing if given to the right creature. Needless to say, Yimer isn’t the one for it. If the creature gest shocked by the electricity, The Yimer would be paralyzed from the shock. So you can pretty much guess how that is going to turn out considering the next opponent the creature is facing.

The legendary Kong

Here is the monkey that we have been waiting for with Kong bring in the pain from his jungles of skull island. Being that we are going to be focused on current Kong before the recent Kong vs Godzilla coming out (Which I will review here.) I will say that the main Kong will have all the abilities from every previous film the giant monkey came from. Being quite a shocker with this one. I am including the ability to convert electricity from Kong’s hands being his most powerful ability I can see big used in this fight as this was used earlier in the past when he fought Godzilla during a period called the Showa era.

Besides that Kong is already 104 feet tall. So that will play a factor between the two since Yimir has to keep growing to meet up with the super ape.

Now let’s work out the similarities since that is going to be a big talking point of this vs. In all honesty, these two are very close in ways of build and how they handle opponents against them. Both use size to their advantage. and have been known where they bring aggression to every part of the battle between the creatures.

Location location location

Let’s talk about the location that this is going to be in. Now both are typically land creatures, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to be in the ocean, So the best thing I believe we should do for these two is to put them on top of a piece of land. But to be honest there is a place I wouldn’t mind seeing this go on in. That would be something along the lines of brazil south America. Why do you ask?

Well let me explain, the exotic location filled to the brim with a diverse setting and places where there are not advantages in between makes this a perfect spot for this type of battle. Just the environment really emphasizes what we look for in Kaiju/giant monster films.

Final swipes

Well, between the voting system on Twitter and the thoughts of my own, it came down to who has the better overall stature. In the end, I believe Kong is going to be the winner in this fight overall. There is just too much going for this monkey to stop it now. And I will be a little honest here. I figured Kong would be a winner at the start of this blog post. Just how the money is built and the aggression involved along with the combat experience is the biggest reason why I have this monkey in for the win.

The best-case scenario for the space monster is the monster growing to such a size first before overwhelming Kong. But to me, that isn’t likely to happen since Kong is a pretty intelligent creature of its own right. Being able to use tools as weapons really put out the spotlight for the said monkey to come out on top for the win.

Thank you all for enjoying the content brought to you with another classic giant monster for you this week. I plan on getting things back to normal once I reset everything. Just have a personal bio for the week and we should be back in business. See you guys on the next blog.

Kong Skull Island(4kblue ray)

20 million miles to earth. (color prime)

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