War of the Gargantuas

This is kind of an oddball of a story as there are plenty of weird and wonderful with this movie. Sit back and relax as you enjoy another movie from Vic as we get to the 66th review on here. As per usual, All links are affiliated to amazon and the pictures were taken by Richard Avery

Paul Sableman


The story


To start with the story, Let me first point out it is a series of events that seem a bit random to me. But we get a fishing boat that is attacked by a giant octopus with one of the crew members almost getting eaten. But along comes a green giant that fights the octopus with aggressive intent. The crew tries to get away after the green giant defeats the octopus but atlas there is only one survivor after the attack. Later, we get a scene with a man and a woman talking about a missing creature they had at their lab earlier. After a bit of dialogue between the two wonderings where their monster went, There is a call from a reported who wanted the doctor with his assistant to investigate the claims of the attack by the fisherman as it relates to their monster in a couple of ways. This brings out a flashback where the two talk more about their brown monster and how they raised it before it escaped.

Not much about the monster is discussed here as there isn’t a known origin with these creatures. The only explanation we come across afterward with another attack on a fishing boat from the green monster. (I will say, this was my favorite part of the movie as it shows the special effects with a skill I haven’t seen from TOHO in a while.)After the attack, We see the two checking out a sample of hair that was stuck under the ship’s deck. The hair came from the green monster which prompted the two to see about putting it under a microscope.

The thing about what was seen under the microscope was just how similar the two cells were when they were seen side by side. That leads the scientist to believe that the green giant is part of the brown one based on how close the cells of the creatures are. Not as brothers, But as the same creature.

Eventually, the heat gets turned up as the military develops a weapon that effectively hurts the green monster to the point of it barely surviving. Luckily for the green one, His brown counterpart emerged to save the day as they escaped into the woods.


For this part of the blog, I will be talking about the creature designs as they do give TOHO a new spin on their movies. I will say, The step into makeup effects were really well sotted out how the creature is portrayed. I got to say. The look of the eyes and the natural movement of the creatures really do the monsters’ justice. I like how well the monsters’ were handled in this movie as it felt like a more aggressive creature.

Then you manage to get to the brown gargantuan. A complete opposite of what the green monster is. Being the gentle giant of the two. This one has a more fitting title with a Bigfoot-type of the monster as it is described as “Friendly”. But make no mistake about this new creature. The monster can be a force to recond with when its back is against the wall. Like the green clone, this beast has regeneration that can even create a whole new monster if this creature is torn apart.

my thoughts

The main take I got out of this is how well played out this movie was. I liked how they stylized the creature designs making them with a more human feature. That is what makes this movie stand out for me. The monsters’ were very lifelike and felt like it was a real monster that carried some real-world weight to them. These creatures could run like an athlete to different places while feeling the weight of each step for each creature. The miniatures were very realistic with the environment they were seen. Even the foliage from each scene with the monsters’ felt as though everything was real with how detailed each of them was. I felt as though these movie effects really show some of TOHO’s best work. I will recommend this movie as it delivers entertaining moments here and there. Be forewarned, the English dub isn’t the best and some of the scenes feel rushed to a point where you notice it.


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War of the Gargantuas/Rodan (DVD only)


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