Varan vs The Giant Behemoh

It’s that time of the year again where I see about delivering to you lovely people online, The very best of VS the world of giant monsters has to offer. More will be put into this one as we continue onward in this classic monster vs monster on monster action.Just to remind people, I am an amazon affiliate. Pictures were taken by Sharp Photography

Dr. Raju Kasambe Roland Arhelger

Tom Parker

The two monsters at play

I am going to first talk about behemoth and give you guys who just joined his special traits in this fight to the death.

Let’s start with the sheer size of the massive beast standing at 240 feet. That made it the biggest creature in its universe. With size being its greatest power, it also carries some other aspects that make it a nuisance for the royal army. that includes emitting pulses that down electrical equipment, and the fact it can’t be detected on radar.

While there isn’t much going on with the creature aside from the sheer size. I am afraid a lot of its abilities will not work for this new beast as this one isn’t military. I say this opponent is one that might see a little more eye to eye with the overgrown lizard.(Get the joke?)

We go from one overgrown lizard to another with Varan being the one delivering a new good of pain. Standing at 164 feet in size, this beast might have a little of his work cut out for him in this vs series blog. But I will say. if he does come out on top, it would make for another David or Goliath scenario with this one. While Varan doesn’t have much in a way of abilities, The creature can “Fly” though I keep arguing that it GLIDES! But regardless, That is about all the abilities this one has.(Well, golly that makes it exciting hu?) SaRcAsEm. But let me just talk about the look of the creature at least. That is what brought me to the party after all. I got to say this thing does have a pretty neat design as shown in the pictures provided,(Unless I can’t find the image) Then being a spiny lizard that can GLIDE!!!!!,has its perks.

The place of the action

I think we should see where this fight will take place. although they could play a factor in both land and sea, I think we should come up with something that involves a time when the dinosaurs roamed. Maybe even to the time, everything was connected in this content called the Pangea. (You learn something new every day hu weirdos?)But I feel the Pangea is a more fitting place to have a said kaiju battle mainly for the sheer scale that this battle would have and the different environments that could be in place. The other thing about such an environment is just how vast it is as far as land space is concerned. Just inserting these two beasts within really makes the fight on this terrain much more enjoyable.

Who is the winner

All in all, there is a thing going on where we are going to face the music to how is the winner of this fight. This one feels like a tough one as both do have a set of abilities that don’t affect each other with everything the two creatures have. With this I believe, all in all, Varan is the winner of this new classic giant monster clash. There are many factors that played out for this vs, But what I thought was Varan being a winner mainly since its abilities have more of an effect on the battlefield vs anything the Giant behemoth could do against Varan.

The biggest part that got me on Varan’s side is just how well the monster can distance itself from the monster very quickly. While most of the time size does mean a lot when it comes to these vs, I think the biggest factor in this one is how each ability would affect the opponent and just who is likely to come out on top of all of this. So for this week’s winner. Varan wins that trophy.

The numbers keep coming in

We are reaching higher and higher strides with this website as we continue talking about monsters. With how far we have come, I hope we can continue this journey for a very long time and enjoying those links provided down below. And I hope to see you in the next blog post. Also before I go, I decided to do this new thing on Twitter. What I will do at the start of the tweet, I will have a voting poll where people who are not checking out the work but want to be involved in small ways. I am mostly doing this so that I could see if they would be more willing when I include them in my work a little more. As for this site, I will keep delivering my opinion here and there, But I will include the final results from that part of Twitter on here. and I will see you guys in the next blog.

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Varan the unbelievable


The Giant Behemoth

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