Tremors, A thunder underground.

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The history between me and the movie

I got a lot of history with this movie that I feel should be talked about because this is the reason why I will keep recommending this movie to anyone who is just getting into monster movies. It is kind of odd because even though it plays out like a horror movie to me it has a healthy balance of everything in between, like humor, excitement, and a slight taste of drama. That is in part why I like this type of movie. It also is one of those movies that would just keep giving you some laughs that just keep ongoing. Yeah, this series gave us a lot of fine memories. I am going to say this though for the younger audience, while I don’t believe it will scar them to see it. But there are a few moments you wouldn’t want the kids, grandkids, etc. To see.

The story

We start out with a shot of two guys driving down the road of perfection valley frustrated with the work they manage to get. The two are Earl and Val who couldn’t be more complete of opposite than you ever have seen. After coming across a college student who was studying vibrations in the ground and comes to access to some unusual readings. Of course, this will lead to a monster that will show up.

We get a different shot that comes to the point where the guys decided to finally give up and move out. As they make their way out of Perfection valley they come across an old neighbor that was thought of being drunk and stuck on a telephone pole above only for Val to climb up and find the first casualty of the monsters we are about to see. The two take the body to the village doctor who came to the conclusion that he died from dehydration. With that out and about earl and Val decided to let the doctor notify people as they continue on their way out of dodge. Now we get to victim number two who’s death will not be spoiled as it is a pretty good one for sure but after they ran into that, the two guys make a beeline for the town as they warn construction workers that a killer is on the loose but it is too late for the workers as they are met with a similar fate.

Back into town. Earl and Val try to call the police to get some help but the lines are down. So the best option is to try to get everyone together and get the police from the next city over-involved. At that moment, they find the aftermath with the road being blocked by a massive rock slide caused by the attack. The truck manages to pull off one of the tentacles of the monster after it was “stuck on the side of the rock slide.” with that being known the two set off on horses to try to get through that Jeep trail into town. On their way, they met with the sound of music where they found out an entire station wagon is buried underneath the ground. This causes panic and they tried to race their horses up that trail only for them to be attacked by the first monster in the movie. (come on) ( you didn’t think there wouldn’t be more than one?) They manage to defeat the monster by forcing the beast into some concrete with a massive impact. Broken and bloodied this gave them a good spark and we return to the lady of the college who was tracking the seismic readings came across the carnage of the said dead monster.

that is when we discover three more monsters that terrorize the town to the point where they are at their wit’s end. Do you think they will survive? Or will the tremendous beasts from underground take the town and swallow it up in a flash? Find out in the link down below for you viewing pleasure

Special effects

The special effects were very interesting, to say the least with this movie. I loved how the monsters were set up like underground puppets for a few shots and continued to focus on practical effects that make a lot of the shots more fun as we see windows being smashed, people getting grabbed, and just the usual monster gore that shows throughout this movie.

Why you will love this movie

You will love this movie because it is one that lasts for a very long time. It will also melt yourself as you watch some of the most creative scenes in the movie that will stick with you for a long time as well. though the swears are thrown left and right all over the place, You will love this because it shows how people are when in a bad way and just the comedy aspect as a whole in those times. I would recommend this to anybody looking for a fun movie to watch. Just know though that this is one of those movies that if you do have kids/grandkids I would suggest you watch this with them to make sure they are okay after the movie is over.


As per usual, I am going to link all the movie down below and I will see you guys on the next blog cya.


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