Tremors 4 the legend begins

YEH haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa another blog post review comes over to wrangle up you for another fun movie you guys will enjoy. So saddle up your spurs for this one because we are going to be wrangling up some more of those worms that we love so much here and see about filling them with some buckshot and lead. pictures were taken by Brian Gratwicke

Maximilian Paradiz

Saddle up for this one.

This one is quite a new one for sure as it takes place deep into the old west. 1887 according to the title screen.We get to see an old mine shaft where there were miners who were mining for silver only to be attacked by those worms we all love so much. Only this time. they are a bit pint-sized as you will soon see in the movie. the mass of these things are no more bigger than pups with that being said, they are fast little devils as they cut through the dirt.

I should start with the story first and foremost before I get too carried away with this. let’s start with the obvious. There is a survivor from the mine that escapes from those horrors. Juan Pedilla makes his way to perfection and he attempts to explain what he saw within the mine as those miners lost their lives to the dog-sized beasts. Of course with the mine being unsafe to work many people that used to be inside the town leave and find greener pastures. Of course, that leaves us with the characters of the story which is an interesting thing because it is set up similar to who the first movie was set up as far as the similarities go.

Meeting some interesting characters

Let’s start with the man of the hour with Hirem Gummer. and old relation to our Burt Gummer. But the thing with this one is that he was never that gun guy when he started this journey. As you could tell, Hirem is one who is used to being the one used to the luxuries of life and how he views the world behind a wallet. Hirem carries himself without a real sense of pride and is more interested in seeing his mine grow into something that will continue to make himself rich. But he does go through a transformation within his character that leads him into something that will make you love this character because of the growth he made throughout the entire movie.

Now let’s talk about Juan Pedilla. This is the miner who first encountered the little buggers that attacked the others. Being as sharp as a whip with that one. A fast learner with what he has Juan manages to make his way to rejection with swiftness. The main thing about Juan is that he is always losing his poor hat though many inconveniences. I am going to say give this poor guy his hat back you wretched creatures underground. he did nothing to deserve this treatment. (Little bit of joking on my part) But by and by, the character seemed like he hasn’t got an arc of growth within this movie but that seems to be replaced by the charming personality that leads to some interesting moments within the movie.

Christine Lord is our next one to focus on as she has a certain presence within the movie. What she caries at first is a business personality that focuses on running a family business similar to her next-door neighbors though with a different motivation. You can tell this one carries the similar presents like a certain other character from the first movie we all know who was besides Our Burt Gummer during the first time we saw those underground monsters we were facing. But she does carry qualities that feel like something of an evolution curve as she is a gal with some guns to play with.

Tecopa We got an Indian with an even temperament for speaking his mind. He is one character that reminds me of an old grampa that is speaking his mind when needed on things. Also with that grandfatherly wisdom seems to play a big part within the character as a whole. There is a few interesting thoughts when viewing this guy but I imagine it is thoughts like how he can move at his age. (Is it the meat?)

Changs are the family that is trying to start up a new life away from china. They are a family that sometimes bickers amongst themselves from time to time but have always stick together even in the harshest of times and the worms are no exception. The Changs do go through times where it seems like they have nothing to show for their work. (That being the case with the townspeople leaving after the mines closed.)

Old Fred is our final one to talk about since he has the least amount of content with this one, But there are still some charming things to say about this one before he suffered the same fate as another old Fred we all know. He was one who kind of makes a few comments that can be a chuckle at times. But as that is being said there isn’t much growth with this character But as it has been said, he is one to keep an eye on for entertainment value.

The setting concept

Now, this is my thoughts on the setting of the film and the reason why I like that particular style of filming. I enjoy how unique the film makes this approach and the driving factor that builds this movie into its genre of films for many years to come. Sure there are movies before it that explored a monster movie set into the old west(Valley of Ghaini) But it is the undertone and the timing of the film that makes this so special. All in all, I liked how perfectly timed the setting was in the film and I would be amazed if films like that would continue to grow for the near future.

Why this is the series for you.

I see the entire series that would work for you is because we experienced a movie series that really fits the fun for everyone. From die-hard fans to newcomers that are looking for something enjoy watching a film.

Well, this is the part where I got to say farewell and I hope to see you guys on the next blog cya later.

Tremors anthology attack pack

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