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Well, here is another blog post for you guys to check out. With the gun guy is back with aggression as he faces new challenges to his home of perfection. From government agents, to relaters, to even the youth Burt sure does have a challenge ahead of him on to of the worms deciding to mutate even farther into the deadliest critters this side of Nevada. So strap yourself in with some bombs and a rifle slung over your shoulder because we are going back to Perfection.



Peter Andrus

Adam Cuerden

Burt is back

You heard me right. After two movies of gun-toting fun the man, the myth, the legend is back to deliver ordinance fit for the US army. With anti-tank guns that are built for maximum penetration you can tell this is one guy who knows his guns along with a few anti-aircraft vehicles that lay waste to this dame shriekers. But the negatives come into play as the usual thing that happens to all of us happens to our Burt. He is getting old. But luckily, there are still a couple of young pups who are willing to help out. Even if it is more for a business perspective vs killing these monsters.

New threats

Government agents, real estate, graboids, shriekers, and new creatures put Burt in his place as he fights for his home in Perfection valley. Coupled with a new face that is like a liability more than a real help for people. Some of it has some challenges that are so big that one man can’t take it all alone. So he manages to find some people that could carry the load of what sort of guy he is for everything.

Yeah, these new threats seem like they are coming on all sides. Just imagine being in this situation and you try to keep these freaks in check and knowing they can multiply constantly just by eating things can really put the pressure on the person dealing with all of it. I know I would have problems with this myself and would see about nuking the critters from the face of the earth. “It is the only way to be sure” I am just all over with these references guys. I think I might be going crazy?

high tech war games

The cool part about all of it is where we get to see the new tech Burt has come up with along with previous stuff seen in the past films.from siesemo monetors to GPS that tracks with inferred heat. Burt really goes the distance with some of this new gear he carries with him. Coupled with the powerful rifle that punches through anything ten times over. Carrying some fire arms that pack their own punches we get the best of what Burt has to offer. So it comes as no surprise that Burt would deliver the best work he has to offer when dealing with those monsters that turned Perfection into a buffet of little arms and legs.

I know some of the stuff that was brought up in my eyes was pretty cool to see. I mean who would have thought of a GPS that can see body heat? plus some of the older tech looked amazing as to how it was placed in the movie like a desktop. I wouldn’t mind having something like that inside my home if I am a collector. I like the fact that this is one of the most high tech movies from the series that I have seen. The only thing that would top this off would be if this was set in the future. Just imagine a future where you would find out all the main characters are gone and their decadence are dealing with Graboids. And imagine those laser effects that could be used when dealing with the graboids and the cheesy lines those guys would say. “I guess we wormed them out of here” Man I am just on fire with the puns today.


We got explosions galore as we get to see those explosions as this underground monsters are destroyed by those booms that keep pounding your ears.couple with a couple of people scr5ambling around for some cover as the blast will knock you off of your seat.just the sheer mass of booms in this movie will just blow you away(Get it? BLOW YOU AWAY?) I think I will see myself out. Anyway you will have a blast with this movie once you get to watch it.(Do you see what I did there?) Anyway, I think this is a great film for you guys to have in your collection of monster movies once you get the chance to buy them. I know I will have the link here should you need it.


Well, this is a different format than what we are used to but I like to switch things up from time to time as far as reviews go. I am going to play around with my ideas while posting some links for my works here. Though I am going to have to figure out ideas as to who to work my links within the content so it doesn’t interrupt anything you guys are doing. I got a few ideas though it could always just end up at the bottom of my content like usual for respectful purposes. Plus I prefer my links be out in the open so you guys can decide if you want to watch a movie. I am going to just say that honesty is how I run this website. That part will never change. I am also going to expand on ideas to make money for this website without throwing ads in your face.

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Tremors 3

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