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Retro Lenses

the story

Everyone here is in for a treat. It amazes me just how surprising the movie is. The movie starts with a plane flying overhead in search of something specific. Notice how I don’t go over the title opening? Well, that’s mostly due to it feeling generic as far as openings go.

But just because the cover is rough doesn’t mean the pages within are just as bad as will be shown within the film. There were two police officers within the location where they find a little girl wandering the desert. When the police pick the girl up after they attempt to draw her attention fail, they take her over the vehicle and hear the plane radio in a trailer that is seemingly abandoned, Assuming that it could be the girl’s parents, The two police officers drive to the site to find absolutely nothing but a form of destruction and loads of sugar.

pUZZLED the officers decided to phone the emergency services to pick up the little girl and see if they know how she could recover.

Afterward, The two officers make their way over to a nearby shopkeeper’s store to get some more information about the family that they assumed the girl had belonged to. But when they arrived at the store, they made a startling discovery of the body of the shopkeeper. Knowing this, one of the officers have to decide to radio for help but the signal was terrible where they were. So one decides to go search for help while the other stays behind, That’s when we start to notice a strange noise within the winds of the desert that spell certain doom for some individuals. That includes the officer left behind.



Oversize ants

Like a lot of other movies out there, Them uses the giant everyday creature troup to perfection. Giving the classic feel everyone knows and loves for every part of the content available. You do see just how outlandish the creature design is sure. But there is something about that aesthetic that gives chills every time on screen.

Awe-inspiring by how it plays off a simple creature that is of extreme size delivering horror right to your doorstep. taking a common animal like the ant and turning it into a creature of primal fear gives this movie a higher rating than one would expect from such a film of that era.

Can’t give it enough praise for how well put together this movie was.


Magdalena Smyczek



praise that atmosphere

It is very rare I would come across a movie from that era that brings attention. But this is one of those amazing movies. Not only does it build on an atmosphere like a horror movie. It delivers a nice amount of attention deserving the audience came for as a very unexpected surprise when it was playing out on screen. it gave me a sense of fear that only horror movies have been known to create. Very well done with delivering that message across.

My thoughts

Well, as far as movies go, Them is a classic everyone is going to love. The acting is spectacular delivering long performances that last through our lifetime. Let’s not forget the memorable special effects of the giant ants. While those were pretty goofy, there is no denying that for that moment, it took your breath away. I loved the tension and suspense they provided within the movie. You had the atmospheric loneliness of the desert carrying the storms across towns. It’s a classic for the ages.


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