The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms VS Leatherback From Pacific Rim.

Well it’s the end of the month and that means this is the very first time this website is going to have our very own VS segment What this will be is where I compare different monsters from different movies and put them in a neutral environment to see which one will win based on the movies they are in and how effective of an impact on the viewer they have and what type of abilities they have.
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future drawing of the beast


VS future drawing of leatherback

Looking at The Beast

Looking at everything here we should start by looking at how they as monsters fight in their respective movies.

  1. The beast from 20,000 fathoms (we will call the beast for this post.) had gone through a large brick building to escape bullets shooting at it from the police which imply s that the monster is very durable but can be injured by conventional means.
  2. The beast was awakened from radioactivity from the Antarctic which implies s that the beast can withstand radiation poisoning
  3. The beast is also capable of swimming long distances at an impressive rate.
  4. Finally, the beast has a secret that is a game-changer for a fight. The blood in the monster is highly disease-ridden and can kill a person that gets into contact with it in a matter of minutes.

Look at Leatherback

A clone of an alien race sent to destroy the humans and make it liveable for the aliens. This monster has some power to it so lookout. With a blast charge from its back, it can knock out robots and computers easily.

Not only that it is made like a big gorilla that can throw things around like toys.

The place

: As” far as settings go we should see where each monster made their landfalls.

The beast made landfall in New York City

and Leatherback made landfall in HONG KONG.

So it is the only thing it is for the setting to be at a city that is very near the ocean.
It is Honolulu Hawaii

The horrific fight

This is where we compare both actions in their own movies to see which one will win a fight

For the beast, We have strong teeth, durability, speed, and blood factor

For Leatherback, We got strength, power, aggression, and blood factor.

Okay after so serious looking into I came to the answer that………




The reason why I came to this is through thought of what makes them similar and what makes them different.

What makes Leatherback the same as the Beast is the blood is poison and can hurt people really bad.

That’s, where we see the differences between the two.
The beast was born as a dinosaur that was woken up cranky by bombs, Where Leatherback was made by aliens as a way to fight humans.

This fight would be a hard one but Leatherback has a lot of abilities that look to outdo the beast in almost every way.

When we see leather back for the first time We see it ripping apart the robots like they were plastic toys.

It was only when the blue robot(Gypsy Danger) took it down that we see how it can be beaten.

This was a fight that took me a very long time to think about and I feel this is the best way to figure out which one would win.

I also plan on tracking the links for the movies and toys below to announce on the next post which one comes out on top.


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Pacific rim


The beast from 20,000 fathoms multi format

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