The Zillo Beast vs Otachi

Here we are back at this war again and now we have two deadly monsters that will go head to decide which one will come out on top of this brawl for all fight. I just wanted to remind everyone I am an amazon affiliate.





Zillo beast






Please go check them out. They did a good job on this picture above the centipede that to me looks like the zillo beast.


The zillo

The beast is a creature from the star wars universe that was thought to have gone extinct during the battle of malastare. The interesting part is with the way this monster wakes up is by an eletro-proton bomb. It reminds me of the way a certain turtle we giant monster fans know all well from a nuclear plane crashing into the Antarctic ice.

Anyway, Sheev Palpatine becomes very interested in having this beast as the hide itself is indestructible to all known weapons in the star wars universe. Shortly after the beast was brought to Coruscant for study only for this monster to escape confinement and wreck the place up. With all other options out of the question, the Jedi and the Republic army were left with no other choice than to kill the beast with a specific toxin that made the beast want to attack Coruscant but in a larger dose that ends up killing the beast.

Not only that. this beast was also once worshipped by the Beathny.

Otachi meaning

This monster must be very polite in what it does. Why would you say that Vic? It’s just a giant monster. Well, the thing is the Otachi is a polite Japanese term for calling out to a person or leaving a room. Yep, This one polite monster. It is so polite it carries with it a crossing vile of a type of acid that burns through metal like it was paper. Not only that this beast can fly into space. I would say that is a pretty polite monster if it could burn you as well as fly you to a whole new world.

Needless to say, This polite monster was eventually stopped by one called gipsy danger. With the sword upgrade that slices our said polite monster in half.

The middle ground

I believe this battle should take place on Malastare as I feel as the pacific rim monsters are capable to adapt to all environments. Just look for example at


Just with all these facts that come to mind, it made my decision very clear as to where the fight should take place. I mean with the pacific creatures being the way they are I would imagine they could adapt to new places in the need should come up.

the fight itself

The fight like most of the usual fights is pretty aggressive as it is a fight to the eath. With everything that plays out, we come to the conclusion that I believe will satisfy everyone who decided to take time out of their day to bear witness to this event. I had come to the conclusion that the zillo beast would end up as the winner eventually. WHy did I came to this conclusion you ask? Well, I found that the zillo had a size and the fact the hide itself is indestructible.N ot to mention the fact the build of this beast is made for maneverorablilty. While Otachi can fly and has a tail claw that can grip things. We never saw or heard anything that could suggest the monster would be able to fight against some monster similar to the zillo beast.

While Otachi can fly and has a powerful acid. in the end, size does matter and the zillo had indestrutablility SO that would put the said beast at the biggest advantage over anything else Otachi has to offer.

The end

We conclude this story I am going to make sure I say that you can still determaine the winner of this match simply by checking out the links below the content and the next post will anounce the winner if you guys make the clicks. thank you. I also want to thank each and everyone of you for reading/returning back to my webiste for my content. It really means a lot when I am having people read my work. Thanks.




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