The wolfman Vs the dead monster

Well here is another VS just waiting to opened up. And what luck! It is opening up in time for my favorite time of the year. HALLOWEEN! So in celebration of this wonderful time of year, I am presenting you with a vs You will love with Frankenstein monster fighting the wolfman, Giant monster style! As per usual, all pictures belong to their owners listed below this paragraph and I am an amazon affiliate.


Frankenstein’s monster


We all know the story with Mary Shelly’s Monster but did you know this monster has shown up in kaiju movies? Yeah, that is right. this monster made an appearance in one of those movies we talk about here. (Review of the movie will come shortly) Aside from that piece of information being leaked out, This monster is shown in the classic, Frankenstein concurs the world.lets just say, I know this will fill your holidays with some amazing joy once this comes in. Being resurrected from electricity, the beast gains more power the more those electrical bolts run through his veins. Also, being an experienced fighting creature with other monsters gives this talking piece of meat an advantage over the competition. (You will understand in the next review I promise.)

Being a somewhat human gives this creature some massive advantage with being able to use tools for fighting in all sorts of matches. But there are disadvantages to being this monster. This mainly includes the poor education and the fact the mind is the same as a baby’s mind in this world. No experience in what is going on. Granted the monster thing is the most out there. But one could argue it was luck of the draw.

Werewolf that wolfs out.




Now we reach the wolf that throws all the fur out there folks. A wolfman to be exact. You remember those creatures that were men right? Well if you don’t let me explain. These are humans that change into a wolf under a full moon and carry with them all the abilities of the said wolf until the morning part of the day begins. The only known way to destroy the said werewolf is to shoot them with a silver bullet. But I wonder what would happen when that wolf becomes a giant monster. Will a simple bullet be able to stop an oversize wolf?


Just facts to know



These are just some little snips of things you might not have known about these two creatures within this VS. Let’s start with the dead guy with the fact at one point in time he was support to fight Godzilla in 1964 only to be replaced by Godzilla vs Mothra and Frankenstein vs baragon But the basic bits from this is that the monster was to be revived from the original heart of the monster to grow into our favorite giant we see in this fight.

Now for the werewolf. He actually starred in a fan film that was made by Shizuo Nakajima and several others in 1983. While Toho still deny s any doings with the film, the filmmaker has been hard at work spreading this movie out there on DVD. (I will be sure to leave a link to the film if you are interested.)

All in all, these two did have a fight with Godzilla planed at one point, Now the next question with this will be down below.


location location location


There are many places where we could have these fights. Maybe we could have this somewhat in the ocean. Or maybe We could set this up in an open field. There isn’t too much restriction on the topics we can play off of. My thought for an interesting fight is maybe seeing about having them in a supersize castle? “Who” knows. At least in this standpoint where they fight, there isn’t an advantage on one side of the fight or the other. All in all, I do like the castle look and I feel it would be fitting for this fight we are about to experience…

Someone wins


The fur flies with an onslaught of brawn and speed in this war between two beasts of burden. There is one thing about all of this. I believe in the end, The wolfman is going to win. The Biggest reason as to why that mostly boils down to a couple of factors when you are facing this situation. The first one is the fact that this monster still needs to be killed using silver. Whether it is a bullet or not the advantage goes with the oversize wolf.

The second advantage this beast has is the same thoughts the creature has as an adult. That means the creature still has the advantage of the knowledge it would have over the dead monster as it has human characteristics within the horrific mass. So all in all we see a winner in the werewolf as that creature will be harder to take down in the long run.



So that concludes another vs on this site. Things have been a bit crazy for me as of recently but don’t you guys worry, there are plenty more monster movies out there to enjoy, and keeping with the spirit of Halloween, I am going to be reviewing another monster movie that relates to Halloween after the next personal bio to conclude out the Halloween portion of Since this is a special holiday, This will be one of those rare occasions that I will not have a link below. But if you guys do want something to check out, let me know in the comment section and I will deliver. But This site does the best for the best! pictures were under the public domain therefore the pictures were made in a way that the copyright expired and the original author didn’t renew the copyright on their products.

But with that being said I will leave you guys off with a good day and I will see you in the next blog.

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