The Valley of Gwangi

This is a new movie for me as I am viewing this for the first time. I am pretty excited about this new review. But presenting to you guys for this week is The Valley of Gwangi. Just a friendly reminder for anyone here. I am an Amazon affiliate and the pictures were taken by.Christian-Wittmann-1964

Stop motion action

Let me start out by saying you could tell just how fluent the animation is. While there are some jankness here and there with the animation, I will say this is still on par with my favorite stop motion movie. (The beast from 20,000 fathoms) still needs some work here and there on the lifelike style. But it isn’t behemoth bad in stop motion.


We start the movie off in a setting where a man carries a burlap sack. The man looks bloodied from some struggle that leads him to the pool of water where a different group of people manage to come across the dying man who would later become known as Carlos. Within the next scene after the opening credits, We see an arena out in Mexico at the turn of the 20th century, a cowgirl named T.J. Breckenridge hosts a struggling rodeo. The main host is met by a former lover, Tuck Kirby, a heroic former stuntman working for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, who wants to buy her out.

The show own isn’t interested in the offer and rejects Tuck for wanting to get back together. This of course is thrown out the window when tuck saves his “Guide” from a charging bull to steal a kiss from the owner. The owner has an ace she hopes will boost attendance at her show – a tiny horse called El Diablo. Tuck meets a British paleontologist named Horace Bromley, who is working in a nearby Mexican desert. Bromley shows Tuck fossilized horse tracks, and Tuck notes their similarity to El Diablo’s feet. Tuck sneaks Bromley into the circus for a look at El Diablo, and Bromley declares the horse to be a prehistoric Eohippus.

Tuck would later come back into contact with his guide to go and find where the horse came from. The first thing before was to ask the original guy, Carlos where he got the horse. Needless to say, he refuses to tell as he was berated by the old woman of the village for bringing a curse to the gypsies he was in. Carlos now working for the owner’s circus, walks in on the theft and tries to stop it, but is knocked out. Tuck arrives just like the Gypsy posse leaves. Carlos sees him as he is regaining consciousness. Tuck notices that the horse is missing, and sets off after Bromley. When T.J. and her crew discover Carlos, Carlos claims that Tuck has stolen El Diablo for himself. Carlos, T.J., and the others decide to follow Tuck and Bromley into the valley.

Making their way into the Forbidden Valley, Tuck, T.J., and the rest of the group meet up and soon discover why the valley is said to be cursed when a Pteranodon swoops down and snatches Lope but due to the weight, it falls back to the ground. After Carlos kills the Pteranodon by twisting its neck, they spot an Ornithomimus, which they chase after in the hopes of capturing it. Just as it is about to escape, it is killed by Gwangi, a vicious Allosaurus which chases Bromley and the rest of the group. However, a Styracosaurus appears and drives Gwangi away. As Gwangi leaves, he takes the dead Pteranodon with him.

The monster itself

Now we are talking about the main antagonist of this movie. This creature is an Allosaurus and to give you the short answer as to what that is, Think of the dinosaur related to the t rex and you get that long-lost cousin you are trying to avoid. That is the resulting monster.

But I did like how solid the animation was for the creature. While it isn’t on par with The beast but I do see this as a solid film animation that withstands the test of time with how this all plays off. I will say this for the movie. That it is a different perspective for the film with what the setting is and what creatures are involved with such a production.

why get this movie?

I have been on a kick trying this type of article to convince people why they should get these types of movies. Well for this one, I am going to do the usual in giving you a reason why this movie is enjoyable. My biggest one I believe you will agree with me is just how nice the movie idea is with having a kaiju(Giant monster) in an old west-setting. Not only that, The characters keep you interested with Tuck being one that reminds you of that jock in school you would see getting all the girls and whatnot. Then you have the owner who is making hard attempts on keeping her show alive with a dying show style.

Getting this movie will open up new windows for a good time as far as movies go. Just the amazing experience of trying something this new only shows the amazing magic a movie seems to produce.

Thank you for checking this latest blog out and I will see you on the next blog.

Valley of Gwangi(Prime )


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