The son of Godzilla

“Here we go again on our own, Going down the only road we have ever known, Like a drifter, I was born to walk alone. Well, I made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time, Here I go again” Yeah I just decided to make that reference. Sue me. We are back with another review for the millions of fans out there who want this amazing content in their timelines. I present to you guys out there, another classic from the film vaults of TOHO Son of Godzilla!!!! pictures provided by the following

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A new form

I am thinking about changing my style when it comes to these blogs simply because I feel like I am going stale with the same thing with my blogs. I want to switch things up a little while we look into these types of movies. I know, later on, I will give you some brief glimpses of what the movie is about while being brief on the story so you guys can enjoy it for yourself. So without further delay, let’s briefly discuss the Son of Godzilla.

The plot

I am trying out something a little different from the usual story concept about the movie. I will this time just give you guys some highlights and some thoughts on each scene that stood out for me.

The music was different from the usual adventure style of music we are typically used to in the movie. It almost carries a cheery atmosphere when you first hear it, But believe me, when I say, you are going to hear it often. While the music itself wasn’t bad, I do feel it got really repetitive the deeper you watched this movie.

With what went on with the costume design, I will just explain it more in detail down below. And believe me, when I say, There is a lot of detail we need to unpack.

Now for the plot, The plot consists of a reporter who stumbles across a group of scientists testing a new device that controls the weather. Needless to say, it takes a while to build the device on this unknown specific island that is later known by the fandom as “Monster island” But the reason why that is that of the number of monsters we see in this new movie.


(Well new to you guys anyways if you are new to the fandom) They manage to get attacked several times by oversized bugs on the island and eventually come across an egg that turns out to be the son of Godzilla. Then the plot boils down to the adult raising the infant as his own. The question is, will the scientists’ test work? And can an oversized lizard raise the thing?


creature designs

I am just going to say this right now. I really didn’t like the creature designs. To me, they were just too goofy to be believable even in a movie set. I get that some people here and there like to point out how some movies were not meant to be taken seriously. (Fair enough) “Then why was the first Godzilla movie taken in a darker tone?” Anyways, I think this concept took the movies in the opposite direction of what it was meant to be. Granted I do not shy away from something new. I will say with this opinion,

movie designs just didn’t work for me. I felt as though it took away from the darker overtone the original movie had. (But then again, so did “Invasion of the Astro Monster) But I think it is a little deeper than that. From the unsettling design of Minilla to the new Godzilla design looking very Pugish. With that coupled with a somewhat stranger story that followed along, I do feel this movie is the most out-of-place movie that was ever reviewed on here.

A note from me.

This movie is pretty memorable for two things. One of those being the weird costume designs made by TOHO involving Godzilla and The new monster Minilla. With the “baby” is shown off. I can’t help but wonder if there is some form of deformity with the said creature. Of course, I am just doing some speculation. The whole design concept from the monsters seems so goofy. I can’t say I am a fan of this type of movie, But I would be lying if I left this movie out as part of classic giant monsters.


Here we go with another end to a fantastic review. I hope you guys enjoyed this amazing review as with how unusual it was. I will give credit where credit is due, This movie does have some humorous moments despite the fact it was a weirder type of movie. Regardless of what my opinions are, I feel as though at the end of the day, You guys are the ones who decide what makes a good movie. I deliver the content from my point of view and see where it goes from there. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and I will see you in the next review.

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