The newest face inside the Fandom, Millie Bobby Brown

Now we are back with another personal bio of what could very well be the youngest actress to make a large impact in the community at large today. So once again go and sit back, relax, and enjoy what could very well be the interesting story you will read this month. And as per usual everything here is going to be marked as their own and I am an amazon affiliate. (For now)
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The birth of a Kaiju princess

You read right from above, I called her a strange beast princess. But before we all get carried away I should first start where she was born. She was born in Marcella, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain. Three different names that all point to the same direction of the where. Andalusia is an autonomous community that holds its political power to limit nationalities. Then you have Málaga which is your basic cable package when it comes to government. It is also the capital of the said providence. And Marcella is of course just a city (thankfully) (Because I am just going to say this now, that was a lot of information that was needed to be out there.) Anyways the interesting thing I found that makes her relate-able for myself is how she is partially deaf in one ear, though hers was more of a birth problem rather than something man-made. (So time in the future if you guys want I will tell you my story) for now, let’s make this all about her.

What she started with

Brown begins her career by starring in an ABC drama called Once Upon a Time in Wonderland playing as Alice Litle. In 2014, she has a starring role in the BBC America paranormal drama-thriller series Intruders as Madison O’Donnell. So now we are facing a TV legend and we haven’t even got into the movies yet! You can tell this one had a lot of work at a young age. Between a Netflix career and television appearances, Millie had been one that has gone through quite a bit of an interesting career and she was just getting started.

The continuing story

With that part out of the way, we reach a point where we see Millie grow into a superstar in the form of a music video for Sigma in the song Find me. Since November 2016, she had appeared in commercial advertisements for Citigroup.

In January 2017, she made her modeling debut in Calvin Klein’s By Appointment campaign.[ The following month, she has signed to the agency IMG Models. She appeared in the campaign of the Italian brand Moncler in the summer of 2018. So you can imagine there was a lot she entered. Heck, she even got into the gaming industry with EA games for the fun hose project of The Sims 4 programmers to feature in the Sims 4 Positively Challenge

November 2018, it was announced that she had become the youngest person ever to be appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador then she was named as the most influential teen in 2017 and 18. Yeah, we are looking for a two-time champion right here. (I will see my self out at that cringe wrestling comment.)

Now we get to the big gain everyone has been waiting for. Millie made her feature film debut in 2019, in the sequel to Godzilla, titled Godzilla: King of the Monsters. This just shows the dedication this person has for the character that is so aptly named Madison Russel. (NON-spoilers meant to be taken.)

What her future will bring

Of course with the information above she will also be starring in the coming future film Godzilla vs Kong as well as another movie named In March the same year, it was announced Brown will be starring in the film adaptation of The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin as Suzy. Also in March 2019, she became the ambassador of UEFA’s Together #WePlayStrong campaign. This is a sign that she will continue to grow as a star for the future and people should pay close attention to her


All in all, I see a bright future for Millie and can not wait to see what movies she will be in, Now I was not much of a fan of hers mainly because I kind of gave up on watching TV for internet life instead. From her role in Godzilla King of the monsters, she does know what she is doing as far as that emotional drive is concerned. Anyways, this is my opinion on here about this person as I never dove far into this one’s past other than the information shown here so you can imagine how long this review has taken me to do. But I do give it my best for every person I cover here. And this one is no exception. In light of all that has gone into our lives, I will keep saying that you all should keep enjoying monster movies and whatever else you enjoy in life. Things here can get pretty hairy sure but you know that razor is just around the corner for you to use should you guys need it. You might need to wash up first though.

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