The Meg

Some times we come across some movies that surprise us in every turn in the story. And this movie was no exception. When I first heard about this movie I just thought of an oversized JAWS movie with fancy accents. But man was I wrong with this movie. As usual, I have the links for the movie along with a few extras down below if you want to have a look. And I am an amazon affiliate. Pictures are brought to you by Olga Ernst Terry Goss and MacFadden,


The shots of the movie

I loved how a lot of shots in the movie swaps between the land and the water shots. And I loved how they made the observer shot inside the container under the ocean seem so science fiction as with how advanced it is. I think my only big problem with the movie is how a lot of our shots seemed a little darker in someplace to the point of losing the focus in the movie. But other than that I felt this movie did aces on how to shoot your shots for said movie. The tension was there. The camera followup was almost flawless and it made everything in the movie seem more dynamic.

The story

we start our story with a rescue crew trying to save a group of people inside a nuclear submarine. Our main character is Jonas who heads the mission finds that most of the crew is badly injured and in desperate need of help. “As” everything goes swimmingly (pun intended) when the side of the submarine is struck by something big.

Let’s just say it got so bad that our hero couldn’t rescue all of them in time before it would explode. A few years later this would still haunt our hero as that something that stuck the submarine was a fear the likes of which man never has seen before. While the hero is keeping himself away, a rich, the billionaire had complete ted an underwater base called Mana one to study an undiscovered part of the Mariana Trench that covers a part of the trench in a cloud of hydrogen sulfide.

But when the crew from Mana one goes through the cloud. They discover a whole new world. Let’s say when they found out about the new life in a very fast way. Soon they come across similar trouble from the first scene and soon end up crippled into the ocean. So the rich guy and the head of the expedition go to find our hero who hides in Thailand to escape the horrors of five years ago, but as usual, the hero is very reluctant to do this rescue but eventually after some poking and prodding the Guy finally agrees and is taken to the base. But tensions rise as the doctor has a previous history with our hero in the form of believing that the man was under pressure-induced psychosis

While all that was going on the daughter of the head of the expedition tries to rescue the survivors by herself. She is attacked by a giant squid that almost crushes her submarine. But it is saved by that monster we see as megalodon. The hero meets up with the crew and the daughter from the monster shark. He was able to save all but one of the crew for the same reason as to why in the first rescue our hero made.

After the said rescue the daughter is really angry at our hero because of the incident but the truth to the matter was the same thing. If one of the crew didn’t sacrifice himself the whole crew and rescue would have died in the mess. But after a few sets of conversations between characters. We get to a scene that meets the megalodon attacking the main base of operations that sends the crew into a panic. With all options on the table, the crew finally decides to try to kill off this monster by using a chemical to attack the sharks systems and putting it all in a harpoon gun.

As the movie gets closer to closing they finally manage to hit the shark with a track to find it easier for the kill. But like everything in these creature features you never end up killing the one and only. And the usual cliche of a bigger shark pops up, eats the smaller one and ends up sinking the boat with every character in there. With everyone now out in the open and the father dyeing on this boat, the rich guy tried to get a call for help when the bigger megalodon comes up to try to get the rest of the crew. luckily one of the members ends up finding a speed boat and escaping the shark. They end up back on the shores of China and getting the Chinese Government to deal with the shark. But of course, the movie makes the usual turn from a giant shark movie to a movie about a Moby dick like the story with the rich guy chasing after the said shark.

The facts about the shark

One fact we all know about the Megalodon is it was the largest predator that ever lived in the oceans. But did you know it is not related to the Great white shark in any way? Something that I also found interesting was that The Megalodon had 276 teeth in five rows. We also know the usual bite force is the largest bite force in. (Just to make sure you guys know this monster went extinct 2.6million years ago.

My overall thoughts

I did enjoy this movie overall but I felt as though this movie could have used a little less joking as it seems like with almost every movie. I have no clue why it would be doing this. Maybe for three minutes of the movie the director forgot they were making a Shark movie and thought it was a marvel movie again.


As we come to a conclusion of this story I would like to give thanks to everyone who decided to view and follow my work here. I know people like me can be a bit draining when it comes to criticizing. But with me, I am always an honest body who believes that the best way criticism is made is by being truthful with yourself about these movies. As we close this post I also wanted you guys to know I also have a twitter where from time to time I make my usual comments as well as retweet cool new stuff coming out of the fandom. Here @Vic18130885

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