The magic serpent

It’s been a while since I did a sitdown movie review on here and after the longest time, I say we deserve to add more classics to the vault. Been a very long while since we had a decent movie review on here, so why not return to what made us. So sit back and relax as we dive into a movie classic.Plot

While a lot of people do keep saying there is no plot to this story, they definitely couldn’t be more wrong. Though to be fair, it is the weirdest story I’ve ever come across. It carried a mixture of A drama of betrayal of a slain family to a story of a boy who becomes a man in the harsh reality of the world we know today. I will not go into too many details as to the plot itself but what you see above is a summary of what I am talking about. For whatever reason, the movie decided to use properties from some of TOHO”S works. (could be the reason why the movie is so obscure)

But after the master was tricked and slain, Our main characters begin their journey to find and eventually destroy the same magic serpent that slew his father and master.

Suzuki Shin’ichi

the samurai film

when you take a deep dive into the build of this type of film you get the sense of understanding that this is a film based around the popular samurai era of japans film industry. Except this one was filled to the brim with magical special effects that make this movie one incredibly awkward film to watch with strangers. However, by itself its better than most people would give credit to.

There is not much to tell as far as these films are. I was never into the samurai film like a few other people out there. I mostly stuck with western media for some of my consumption and the usual monster movies out there.

I don’t have much to say as far as watching these types of movies. But I imagine japan viewed it similar to how we viewed the westerns of that era. an action-adventure where a lone hero was put through a problem that was too big to be solved by normal means. Let’s just face it, everyone likes those superhero movies, they are just a major part of the culture as a whole. These are just the pretense to the superhero movies if you think about it.

A weird world

This part of the blog is going to cover the special effects of the film and how it is a reminder of all the things a person could do wrong with a movie. You know the old expression “The movie can be so bad its good?” That is what one could describe as the special effects of this movie. Mostly feels like the regular 60’s special effects as one could get within the film. though in all honesty, if it was shot in black and white, the movie might have gotten a better reception

Final thoughts

weird and wonderful. two words I didn’t think I would use in the same sentence for a long time. yet here we are. This movie carries a lot of that. The gore effects and the sheer weirdness within just go to show that studios can have fun with their product when the time comes. And man did they ever have fun with this.


Well, we have concluded another classic giant monster movie moment with this feature. I’m glad everything is going well for some of you here. I’m much too young to be this dang old is the main consensus where we are. Anyways glad everything works out over here. Been a long time since I last posted a blog post about a movie. And luckily we have a decent movie to play with today. I get that it is a goofy experience when it comes to this kind of movie, But I will say there are moments where if a person was wanting to grasp at straws, they could argue it as the equivalent to star wars.

This is going to be drawn out because I haven’t given my raw takes on a product in a long time. There isn’t much to say as far as content goes. I mean, I can’t see myself having to do a deep dive of thousands of hours of random behind-the-scenes features that are meaningless to what’s being presented. But in conclusion, It’s one of those movies that is so bad it’s good. Similar to the 80s classic “Killer clowns from outer space” It’s a product of its time that went over the top and exceeded what one could expect. love this type of content every once in a while.

Anyways, I suggest you guys check it out and I will see you guys in the next blog post.

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