The Giant Claw

Well, there is another blog coming at you from this angle of a giant claw for this week. this goes around we get to see a favorite movie of mine mainly for the sheer comic value coming from this new movie coming your way in this next review. Grab your popcorn, strap yourselves in. We are going to make waves with this classic.

My experience

My experience with this movie is this is one I feel is fun for the sheer comic value. Let me explain, There is a bit of quiet humor within this movie that I barely see in a lot of classic giant monster movies. You gain a good set of humor from a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has memorable moments in the movie people remember for decades. I will give them credit where credit is due. While it isn’t much for the special effects but this is one of those movies that never takes itself seriously and focusing on the simple comic value with everything.

This goofy movie

Like I mention with this one. I find this movie one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen on here. (Besides tremors) Just the tongue and cheek humor coupled with the “Poor” special effects with this movie makes this one of those movies that you just want to show all your friends and nonfans of these types of movies. After all, the movies are meant to be fun and enjoyed by everyone on this site.

Just the sheer fact of seeing this movie being as goofy as it is and the fact there are some points within the movie that are taken seriously to a dramatic level really is telling of what this movie stands for. I got a lot to praise this movie for. But I will not dive too deep into it so much as just to give you guys my reasons for liking such a movie.

The biggest reason why I like this movie is mainly due to the sheer value of trying something new as a giant monster fan.

You would be surprised at just how much interest this movie can bring even for the causal moviegoer from what a lot of people try at least once. In short, I love this movie for what it brings as a causal movie fan of the said movies. A fun time people want the escape from reality.

The story

When we start the movie, The movie shows a pilot testing out radar for the first time on a routine flight near the north pole. He suddenly comes across a flying object that was out flying his jet. So he decides to radio back to the HQ to report what he had seen. But the thing with this one is, there was never a blip on the radar. Of course, it got to a point,(You know with the cold war going on) the military was brought in with three jets searching for the object the test pilot spotted. Later the Military commander comes to the test pilot and berates him for his little”joke”. “Because” of what he reported three pilots turned up missing.

Later onwards a passenger plane turns up missing near where the piolets went missing. The test pilot eventually starts to connect the dots along with one of his colleges in finding a pattern with what is going on. From that piece of information and knowing the object as a bird,

(I know a giant bird. And trust me when I say the special effects for the thing are pretty funny. But all in all, I enjoy the fact that this movie brings a balance of taking itself seriously while at the same time having a natural dialogue filled with some interesting comments.) getting out of my thoughts, Eventually, the military discovers the giant bird and tried to shoot it down but of course, it didn’t work and the commander felt defeated. With options out there, the test pilot thinks up an interesting idea using atomic warheads against the creature. only for it to become unaffected which will later be explained by a scientist.

In the next scene, we see the world panicking through this new development as people stay indoors. Seemingly unaffected by this. The bird begins to target anything that moves on the ground. Now we reach the science behind what the monster is.

How this goes on is the scientist is confronted by the military to figure out what makes the monster tick and discover that the monster itself carries a shield made from anti-matter which blows things up as soon as the object would come into contact with the shield.

Is there a way to break through such defenses? will the world be saved from this abomination from another galaxy? Who knows but you when you buy this movie? Links will be down below as per usual and let’s wrap this up. There is a lot that goes into this style of movie. But anyway, For the future of this movie is up to you guys to see if anything continues/like future vs series and whatnot. Till then I hope everyone enjoys the blog post and I will see you guys on the next blog.

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