The giant behemoth

Well, this is another blog for this week reviewing another movie. This one is one I have meant to get to at one point in time but never got the chance to. So in this blog, we are both going to go on the journey to find an amazing story in this. So sit back and enjoy the amazing blog for this week. pictures were taken by Roland Arhelger

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The monster

I am going to start a bit unusual as this is something that has had me on edge the entire film. The creature looked similar to a dinosaur I remember when I was very young with it being called. . The only difference being the large carnivore teeth and the way the head is set up. I will admit, this was an interesting way to create a monster. This creature is run by the special effects of stop motion being the prim use for the creature effects. While some practical effects fit in with the scenes very well.

the story

The story starts with a shot of the ocean and a voice in the background with a booming voice. The booming voice reveals the title of the movie and we transition to the next scene. We would come across a scene where a scientist is talking about the dangers of nuclear testing in the ocean. The discussion feels like a scene from a historic movie. A lot is going on with this movie. But later on, the concern is turned real with a fisherman who dies on a beachhead with his last words being spoken”Behemoth” to a couple on the beach who found him. Later would be found thousands of fish that suffered the same fate. later the scientist and the professor of the university travel to Cornwall to investigate the destruction.

The fisherman’s death and, although his injuries seem to include radiation burns, they find no evidence of radiation on the beach. Then, Karnes goes to inspect a passenger ship found wrecked and badly damaged, with the loss of all on board. Back in London, the two scientists discovered that samples of the dead fish contain large amounts of radioactive contamination. Karnes begins to suspect that the “behemoth” that the fisherman described seeing is some kind of large marine mammal that has mutated as a result of being contaminated by nuclear testing.

Later on, we get to see the monster take shape on the land attacking a farmhouse over on a farm near the coast in Essex. What was turned up was a massive footprint the scientists were to later find. A photo of the area reveals a huge footprint that a paleontologist identifies the creature as a Paleosaurus, an aquatic dinosaur that emits an electric pulse, like an electric eel. The scientist believes that the dinosaur is saturated by radiation, which is transmitted by the electric pulse, resulting in the burns seen on the fisherman and other victims. The radiation is also slowly killing the dinosaur. According to Dr. Samson, the dying creature will leave the ocean depths to head upstream, seeking out the shallow waters where it was born, but death by radiation may not come soon enough to prevent the creature from wreaking havoc on London along the way.

The two try to persuade authorities to close the River Thames, but the military officer believes that their radar tracking systems will be enough to detect the behemoth and prevent it from getting near the city. Unfortunately, the dinosaur appears to be invisible to the radar. Dr. Sampson and some other scientists spot it from a Royal Navy helicopter, but the radar equipment tracking the helicopter sees no sign of the beast, which destroys the helicopter when it gets too close. Soon, the behemoth surfaces in the Thames and capsizes the Woolwich Ferry.

Special effects

There are practical special effects. Though I am just going to say this now, The creature’s eyes did look a bit goofy when I first saw them in the film. But that is to be expected when watching one of Willis o bren works on special effects. There are some positives I could talk about in this blog. But I think you guys are used to all that. I think I should talk about the cons of this one. While there isn’t much going on with this film.

What this means.

What is going on in the film itself feels like one that is worth watching for a good time. Now as with my opinion of this movie. As the King of the monster’s movie, I am a bit mixed in my opinion with this movie.” While” everything about this movie screams a good time. I have a weird feeling about this movie I didn’t care for. I think a lot of it has to do with the practical side of the movie as it played out in the ocean scenes. Then there are the eyes. Those eyes feel like googly eyes you would see in a kid’s show like sesame street. Very odd for me to say the least. But it can be very memorable for the right person. A lot of it depends on the person wanting to see this movie. But all in all, I hope you guys enjoy this movie. I will have it linked on the blog post down below for your viewing pleasure like usual.

The giant behemoth (blueray only)

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