The beast from 2,000 fathoms

Three reviews in a row? what sort of black magic is this!? Well, I can promise you guys there is no magic here. Only this one guy how messed up his timeline and now is trying to make up for the mistake with another review. This one is going to be one I have meant to review for a long time. In this review, we will be going over the reason why it is one of my favorite Non-Godzilla movies of all time. I would also like to hand out that friendly reminder that I am an amazon affiliate.

The history

I got to keep mentioning this as this is what I feel is the best part of the movie. Yep, those stop motion effects are the biggest things that I feel are the biggest highlight of this movie. There is so much going on that it draws you in. that is how I managed to get hooked into the movie.

I had a friend eons back I used to watch movies with and one of his movies included a TV special on dinosaurs and one of the feature movies was “The beast from 20,000 fathoms” Needless to say, it was the one TV movie I was hooked into for a very long time. Just looking at the special effects with this makes this all the more exciting as the creature tears through new York with aggressive intent.

Stop motion effects

The stop motion within the movie is one of the biggest props of what the movie is about. The animation is solid all around and the creature feels like a real animal tearing up new York with the powerful claws it carries with it. I also like the fact the military considers what is needed for the creature and finds out if they would attack it ( like a certain behemoth earlier) But they were creative with the game plan and managed to come up with something very unexpected.(Why would I spoil the ending? It is ment for you guys to watch anyways)

The story

Well, to start this movie out. I think we should start talking about the premise of the movie. This is of course one of those atomic bomb stories with the testing of a bomb in the Arctic. A team of military scientists examines the effects of the bomb being dropped on the ice floor. Needless to say, On a radar screen there was a blip that gives the scientists a reason to investigate. With curiosity going along with this, the scientists decide to split up and see where the signal goes. ( Not something for the horror movies isn’t it)(Hint hint)

But later everything falls apart with one of the scientists spotting a creature of interesting origin considering being in the Arctic. This drives one of the scientists into a panic causing him to fall off the ice the stood onto a lower sheet of ice.(I would stick the landing under the (Don’t try this at home section!) But with the guy falling the problem becomes desperate and he pulls out a revolver to shoot for some help. But as help arrives with the other scientists managing to find them only to later get attacked by the same monster previously seen. It later is cause an avalanche that kills one of the scientists and knocks the other one out like a light.

A rescue team manages to find the people and get them back to base for them to be later sent back to New York. The survivor sat at the hospital reading the paper to notice an article of a recent ship being sunk into the ocean. Of course, there isn’t much in belief in such a story as it was found in the comic pages.

Of course, later onward, more disasters arise from the destruction of the said monster previously. The scientist from earlier beings to make connections to what the creature looks like by visiting a friend of his from the paleontology department. They eventually reveal the form of the monster as a prehistoric creature known as Rhedosaurus. A creature they theorized as being one that was reawakened through an atomic explosion(Like the test from the first scene in the movie)


Why you should watch it.

Now here I am seeing about giving you guys reasons as to why you should get this movie. The best I can tell you about this movie is that it gives off the amazing vibe that you would get when watching a black and white film. Really impressive things come out of it when you consider how unique the setting is and what they did to execute such a film. Hour upon hours of work on the stop motion alone is enough to drive anyone up the wall. But somehow this guy really pushes with Ray being well Ray. One of my favorite things about this movie is indeed the monster. The biggest reason is just how well the movements are in the design and overall animal-like movement the creature carries. I love that it never stops frame by frame and delivers to you something rarely seen in these types of movies. The full, animal experience.


In conclusion, This is one of those movies I highly recomend to watch as it is an A + type of movie you would watch again and again. As a matter of a fact, why not check out the link I have down below to see if you like it? I know I will be on the next blog if you guys still want a good time with films.

The beast from 20,000 fathoms


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