That bad shark movie Sharktopus.

Well, here is another movie for the review and I am just going to say this. This movie is worse than Yongery. That is right, This movie got on my nerves so much that I rank it even worse than Yongery. You ask yourself why? Well read this blog and find out for yourself as you see the horror that is Sharktopus. Pictures were taken by


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Zac Wolf

What I see

I see a movie that is trying so hard to get a following that it loses sight of story and focuses on staring at the most adult of things. Terrible priorities mind you. The characters were like cardboard to me just what I have seen as far as “Acting” goes. In sort, I thought the characters were bland and with little going for them. They were also fed lines that were so cliche, Dinosaurs wouldn’t dare say their lines because of how aged so poorly to the point that the “cringe” is real.

The special effects

What special effects? The bad CGI? That is about the most notable thing about this movie when it comes to everything about this movie. While the character monster was an original design, a kid can come up with something like that. But like I said, I didn’t care for the CGI that much because they never drew that fine line in what works and what doesn’t.

The story itself

Well here is the part where I try to decifier if there is a story in this mess. And as much as I want this thing buried beneath the ocean like its production value. There is indeed a story. What story there is we start this show off with an introduction of beach goers who are making waves out there. In the back ground we get to see our antagonist in a quick succession with poor CGI in all its glory.

Two scientists sit in a lab monitoring the creature they control as the navy watches the creation at work. The creature is controlled by radio frequency on top of its head that directs where it would go next.on a test run, the shark freak as I will refer to it, gets hit by a propeller from the stray boat the creature was directed to follow. And this comes as no shock to me, But the monster goes berserk and begins to attack anyone close to shore. from workers to beach goers, this creature seems to have insatiable appetite for destruction. As the carnage becomes progressively worse, we get a chance to see the cliche reporter who would do anything for a story. SO you get that standard. “Where” she gets the story from is also the standard guy getting “Paid off” to hand out the story of the monster to the reporter. In the background, We get another trope of daddy issues with the talks between the creator of the monster and the sidekick daughter who is just putting up with her father being above her. Man, I got to say, The troupes just keep coming from here on out. That is including some kills when you see the poor CGI blog rise from the sea.

But back to the story, The scientist daughter and her Spanish sidekick make their way to Mexico where the beast had been spotted. They both come to a conclusion that they need help. So the daughter calls up the dad for permission to find one of the original scientists who worked on making the beast and gets the go a head whilst getting his backstory through a bit of dialogue. (Surprise) another cliche movie trope. As the movie progresses we soon get the agreement between the scientist and the daughter to get this beast alive though it is not what the guy is wanting. Eventually they ship off with a crew to find the shark using sonar to find the thing. They manage to do after many kills from the beast to jump into the group of divers jumping in to catch the beast. But just like in all these movies, This one fails as the shark makes a feeding frenzy with everyone with the exception of the “Paid scientist.” SO now with all their options out on the table the next question is. Will they be able to survive and get the beast in some way? Find out in the link down below.

Why I hate this movie

I hate this movie because it plays off of a cult following that Just gets annoying after seeing just the trailer In truth, if you see the trailer for this movie you get all the creature scenes in one go. Yeah, they were that desperate for movie go ewers. Not only that. The acting was boring with no character development and felt a little dated. All in all the movie viewing is up to you whether you like it or not. I for one am that guy who would love it if this movie was forgotten within the sands of time as I slowly fade into the black.


Well, another blog is finished for this week and it goes without saying that I really didn’t like this movie. There were just so many wrongs for this movie that you tend to give up on movies as a whole. But I am one of those types who believes that people are entitled to their own opinion with all of this. So here is the link and I will see you on the next blog post.




Sharktopus (prime only)

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