Terror Of Mecha Godzilla

And once again, we have returned to make another review on the classic giant monster page. only this time, we are on the last movie of the famed showa era of movies. And what a way to go out with a bang. New monsters, old monsters oh my. Just a whole new plethora of characters to talk about that it would make your head spin. But let’s see about talking about the basics. Because that’s what this is all about with classic giant monsters. Introducing a new generation to this type of media while at the same time, giving winking nods to the previous. So sit back and relax as we dive into another classic.

A story description

Given that this movie is the last of the showa era, I would like to give you guys some of my thoughts as well as the history between me and the movie itself. But to summarize, the movie did well for what it was going for as the end of the showa era of these movies, coupled with high stakes action, interesting characters, and a new monster, this movie went out of the showa era like the first Godzilla came in, With a BANG!

The suit was just like what you would expect from a company like TOHO, seamless and incredibly life-like despite the cartoony nature of these types of movies. There are a few things that you as the audience will take notice of about this movie that sets it apart from the others. the notable difference is an infamous, Godzilla on fire scene involving mecha Godzilla using that full-fledged frontal attack causing Godzilla’s back to catch on fire. As a kid, I didn’t think much of it at the outset, But later on, as I grew older, I began to notice rumors circling online about the accident. thankfully no one got hurt. But it did make me wonder a little bit more since watching the movie again for this review.


Mecha upgrades

It is interesting to see some of the upgrades Mecha Godzilla had since the last movie. between the interchanging head, to the newer laser eyes, Mecha Godzilla is one that changed intensity to finally bring pain to our favorite dinosaur. between the same old missile attack or the karate chop action from the robot, you can tell things with this robot are going to be action-filled

So that’s about all this robot has going for everything. But the robot has a massive ally, one that dares tower over the king of the monsters. Bring Godzilla to the point of bowing before this titan, Titanosaurus.

Ark Survival Evolution



Wish every protector monster in the TOHO universe, there is always a destroyer monster who battles it out with the protector. That’s what we see with this new monster throw down with Titanosaurus. The newest monster that came into the monster movies, Titanosaurus stomps into our lives, towering over Godzilla. How fitting for a god to face a titan. Titanosaurs bring back the sea monster concept with the overall design straight out of the old world maps. with fins on every limb it has, titano seems like a type of creature with impressive speed for underwater. This is coupled with the impressive size bringing the monster taller than our famous dinosaur Godzilla.

final thoughts

This movie has a lot going for it, with it being the last Godzilla movie of the Showa era, it carried the sense of a final big bang with the heroic Godzilla facing two enemies at once and almost getting overwhelmed. this movie will have you on the edge of your sea as the three clash to a showdown for the ages.

My history with the showa era is a fairly long and complex story. But to summarize the whole this is that, My brother used to be into these types of movies as a kid back in the day. Eventually, like everything else, he managed to “Grow” out of it and lost interest. Then you get someone like myself who barely grows to of anything. I picked these up as a kid after my brother left the household and I got hooked like a guppy in the summer.


Well, it was a fun ride with the showa era, from a monstrous dinosaur destroying a city to that same monster saving the world numerous times from space monsters while along the way, teaching kids how to stand up and be brave in the face of danger. But now we are at the end of the story with a robot copy that brought Godzilla to the limit. For this, I hope you guys enjoyed that part of the content. But the Godzilla fun doesn’t stop there. We still got three more eras of movies to go before we fold our towel. classic giant monsters always cover the topic of monsters, no matter how big or small. I am glad everyone came to visit again. It’s always nice to get that feeling that people like my content whenever I check my analytics. After all, the numbers do speak for themselves. I hope to see you guys in the next blog again. bye for now.

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