Tarantula a new giant spider flick

Now, we are finally back into business with content as I present another movie review for everyone to enjoy today. Been sort of slacking off with content as a whole. But here we are, Delivering another massive review to your doorstep. So let’s get started with these creepy crawlies in Tarantula

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Brief story

Well, as far as the story goes, we start with an opening shot out in the desert landscape to reveal a figure with what appears to be a distorted face for the same figure to collapse unexpectedly in this unforsaken desert leading us to “the audience” to imply that he was the victim of the deserts harsh environment. Then begins the opening sequence of the movie tarantula. fairly basic opening with a little background going on that’s yet not distracting to the overall focus on what’s to come.

Then we open with us in the big city where we would meet the first main character who is best described as a coming scientist with that same movie vibe that the confident hero troupe thrives on.

cheesy effects

Who brought the cheese grader? because the content is extra cheesy this time. The special effects can be very off-putting to those not into or just getting started with this kind of content. Between the camera shots of the “Monster” to the overall style of the special makeup effects you just know this is going to be one of those. types of movies where some would cringe for the campness while others would giggle at this type of content, whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that everything will be engaging one way or another.

I love that style of campiness considering the period all over. From the cars to the interactions with the people. just a lot coming from this kind of content that takes you back to the simpler times in life.where the world seemed a little smaller and not everything was tied against you in your years ahead.

But that’s just my opinion about the whole thing when it comes to these kinds of movies. plenty of nostalgia grows off this kind of thing. looking back and realizing how simple life was. But it is what it is. I am thankful though that these movies despite their cheese. retain entertainment value.

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The creature

Being the creature it is, there’s not much to discuss when it comes to Tarantula, it’s an overgrown spider that wreaks havoc in Arizona. Between the backstory and the way the creature is portrayed in the film, it is nothing more than an oversized animal trying to survive in this new body shape. When it’s hungry, it eats, when it’s wanting to move from place to place, it crawls on its eight legs, It is what it is. Maybe that’s what brings terror to a lot of people’s hearts and minds.

After all, it is a creature of our everyday lives that we seldom want to discuss. Granted it is very specific in the species of course, but even still, we do encounter spiders almost every day. Even one of these creatures oversized would be a rude awakening. Better bring out the oversize can of raid.

more black and white classics

It has been a long time since I dove into these types of movies, the cheesy effects, the black and white setting, the 50’s feel all roll into a series of movies that would dominate cinema well into the 70s with the start of the 30’s being a well-defined point in history.

For this will be an ongoing trend for most of the foreseeable future of these movies. Because let’s just face it. Seeing giant creatures do bring us back to the days before we started to record our history in the world out there. It always marvels me how creative some of these can be. Just so deep with lore building that it plays out in great fashion. the best part? The best part is the fact that the lore continues to be viable even to this day with some exceptions.


Some more content is finally delivered after a long road of Godzilla movies and concept ideas. We finally are going back to our roots. Happily, things are looking up with this content as a whole. Form a massive youtube channel making waves, to remaining as the most dominant blogger in the search engine algorithm,

This was all made possible thanks to viewers like you, I can’t even begin to thank you all enough for allowing me to shine on the grand stage that is the internet. I know I do sound like a broken record every time I make this sort of content, But I am truly grateful for the people that come to this site to view this type of content. I encourage all that if you have any questions or comments that you’d like to add for future topics, let me know in the comments down below, I enjoy hearing from the different voices out there who love to chat.

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