Hedorah vs Megalon

Another vs? Unheard of. Well, believe what your own eyes see as we venture back into the unknown with this vs for this week. This vs is a bit of an oddball idea I came up with a while back I never before tested till this very moment. Now we get to see what’s going to happen before our eyes. just to make sure everyone understands, I am sort of foregoing the likes for the vs blogs until something different happens. This is mostly so I stay on amazons good graces and to make everyone happy. But it is what it is. So let’s go ahead and explore another vs scenario from the one, the only, classic giant monsters!!!!!!!

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Megalon vs Baragon

Good morning or afternoon or night depending on where you live in the world. This is another vs battle for the ages. For those of you who might be new at this, let me explain. every last Monday of the month, I publish a vs blog that studies two opposing monsters with similar abilities and strengths to see which one is the most likely to come out on top with each battle scenario. typically, the battlefield is evened out so as it wouldn’t affect how both monsters would preform. The key element in every battle is for the monster left standing to be a victor. Everything is analyzed based solely on the monsters themselves regardless of the environment the monsters are placed in.

I started this out because I saw a lot of different people online doing somewhat similar things with superhero movies and thought why not do something with monsters? So this came to be what it is today with a little in-depth research. So with that out of the way, let’s get into why everyone is really here. Let’s see if an oversized drill bit beetle or a dog dinosaur wins.

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Gigan vs Gurion

Don’t play with knives. Because these two are cutting away the competition with this vs classic. We have Gurion, the knife-nosed creature from the Gamera series taking on the living buzzsaw from Godzilla, Gigan. Beware of the points. I got a feeling this is going to stab out what is next. (I think I’ll stop the puns, I’m starting to run out of knife jokes.) So I hope you enjoy this super classic from the classic giant monsters brand. Just another reminder, all pictures belong to their respected owners listed below their pictures and I am an amazon affiliate.

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Gaira vs King Kong

This is another vs, brought to you by classic giant monsters bring in an inspired piece that afforded me this new idea for a classic giant monster showdown We have one who has been a major superstar in the giant monster sphere with kong delivering. then we have this new contender with the spawn of Frankenstein being Gaira. this is a one on one super showdown for who will reign supreme in this war.

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