Ultraman Q


There are things that I’ve had yet to experience in this fandom. one of those happens to be the story with Ultra man, Until now. Going through a TV series will be a little different from the casual viewing of movies on here. But there is no doubt that this belongs in a classic vault. Granted there is a lot of controversy surrounding this type of content considering. But the biggest one would have to be considering whether this does belong as giant monster content. I will be giving a bit of a first impression analysis going into this type of content as first impressions will always be a deciding factor for most people.

The story

The story has focus on a digging company drilling into a mountainside for a train to pass through. However, as in all things related to this type of content, The main characters stumble upon an egg shape buried beneath eventually followed by another opening farther down the mined shaft. This sparks an investigation into the mind by professors at a university to figure out what is with the “tunnel within a tunnel” Needless to say they were not much help and the workers just continue with work. one of the main characters does his investigation of the egg shape that was brought to the surface. This prompts the two other mains to help him go to a temple to see if the theory was correct.

Now it’s up to you to find out more as you decided what you want when the movie itself is published here.



The monsters

To start with, Goomess does carry the infamous Monster we are all too familiar with. Though I give credit where credit is due, the monster is unique enough that an observer must be keen on kaiju movies before they notice the image.

The story of discovering the monster is fairly interesting for what they were going for with finding a prehistoric monster hiding from the world.

Then you have Litra which doesn’t have much in the way of development aside from being an arch nemesis to Gomess. a giant scaly bird that can launch acid from its mouth on its Gomess. We only see this when the egg is hacked within the viewing. Needless to say, There isn’t much development within these characters, and are those that one might soon forget. I can’t blame you guys for forgetting these characters as I barely know them from my first impression of the show. I think I am asking a lot from a tv show, But I think the main issue with these characters, Mostly on the monster side is they don’t do anything memorable. There is just nothing they do that can convince anyone why they would belong in a classic vault.


the images

Well, I might as well address the elephant in the room. that is being the costume of Goomass is similar to the Godzilla suit we saw in previous movies. While the concept for the creature is very interesting I do feel as though the Godzilla suit could have been worked on a little bit more to make it look different.

Final thoughts

There not much going here as far as first impressions are concerned. I don’t feel this made as big of an impact as many other films before it did. You had Gamera, King Kong, and other minor characters that fit the narrative for children’s entertainment. These are big names that have made a major impact on our lives as a whole in one way or another. Whereas this tv style of the show just reflected the limitations that it carried on with this.

Though I am sure the series gets better as a person goes on to watch more and more, I do feel that if people in the world were to judge based on first impressions(Even non-giant monster fans, The show wouldn’t have much of a leg to stand on. the whole thing was too contained to carry meaning behind it. That could be what damaged my opinion of the first episode of ultra man.

I am sure it will get better overall in the long run, As with all things, But I am just not seeing the potential from that first episode being as limited as it was. Though it has a lot of potential .maybe if the show was broken up into different individual stories that were different every time. Of course, that was just my opinion with this. But then again, the series has made a lasting impact for a very long time.


Well as with everything going on we reached another conclusion for this review, WHile this is not the standard movie review that we are used to, I would like to include this as part of the classic collection of films. Though I will have disagreements with these types of shows, I can’t deny the fact there is something long-lasting that made them stand the test of time.

Update, For the time being, I’ll be not posting any links toward the movie until the third chosen review for the series. until then the link provided will be directed to my youtube channel for gaming content.