Shirō Sagisu The next composer.

Let me start by saying I am getting to a point where I’m very good at falling behind these few years since I have been doing this type of content. But that’s just part of what we have to go through the day today. I’ll admit there are plenty of days where it gets harder to do this kind of content with everything going on around us, But I am one of those types where I try not to make things an issue for other people and just keep pushing forward towards the future in hopes that maybe there will be some sort of relief at the end of all this. Aside from the petty problems with the world I do have to consider the people I do write about in every personal bio that’s written. I’m sure they had similar issues with their lives before my blogs. Yet look how far they came despite what they have faced. It is a very admirable trait to have. But that’s enough of that sort of ramble, let’s focus our attention on who everyone came here to see.

I present to you guys Shirō Sagisu!

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