Shin Godzilla.

And here we are, back with another classic for the again with another classic, though lately, I wonder if you guys thought I was retired. Nope, just a lazy bum, But I am back and delivering you, one of my favorite movies of recent memory. This one however does take the titular monster we all know and love and takes it to a more “rooted” level of approach. In this, let us sit back as we take a deep dive into a movie that is SHIN GODZILLA. as usual, all pictures provided will have their respected owners listed below their content. And I am an amazon affiliate.


I can’t say this enough, the story gave me chills as to making Godzilla scary again. Between the first-person camera work at the opening of the film to the political side of Japan. (though I believe this was more of a comedic side of this movie it is very foreboding to understand.)Just a great execution of delivering the message while keeping people on the edge of your seat.

Between the special effects that go beyond certain expectations, to the cast delivering their roles flawlessly, Combine all this and you have yourself an amazing film to enjoy.

Noger Chen

Overall tone

It’s not often we discuss the overall tone of the movie but I do feel this is an important part of the movie that defines what makes this a new experience. There is an atmosphere that is very well focused on the idea of Godzilla being this horror character versus the previous incarnations except for the solo movies.

It goes to show off the darker side of what it means to be in a monster movie of this caliber, You deal with radiation, obviously is a massive concern even to this day with current events from the other side of the world. What this movie pushes for a message is how mistakes can always have dire consequences years down the road.

I guess you could give this movie as an example of what the Godzilla movies are all about. the dark side of human history that changed the way the world thought of itself and how far humans went with their lives. 

But enough of that rambling on this topic, let’s get into the final parts of this content everyone has been wanting to see.


Noger Chen

Creature design

Let me state this, TOHO seems to have somewhat of a fixation on eyes. They do say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, maybe things are as they say. Whatever the case may be, I say it does give more depth to the character as a whole. Let’s not forget, the very idea of the character is made to appeal to the horrors of the aftermath of nuclear fallout. 

I think it is pushed further by the sheer fact of the Fukushima tragedy back in 2016 with a nuclear meltdown that caused a radiation leak into the pacific ocean. even to this day, no one within four hours of the site would be willing to do business in that section because of the radiation scare. 

It dives back into the original roots of the first Godzilla, but with a more modern twist. As for the design itself, We get the “Underdevelop” horror aspect of the character in an infant stage hinting toward the possibility of this creature evolving to become even more deadly as time passes. Which does give the character more in-depth for the style shown in the film. 

from the minor stage of the monster looking like a guppy to becoming the almost “Zombie-like” creature, we see up to a certain point. 

My thoughts

This is the kind of movie I’ve always praised for its unique style of filming an already established character. Then to have enough sense to understand the deep meaning behind the said character and emphasis the importance makes this Godzilla one of the most unnerving characters TOHO has ever produced in recent memory.  


Noger Chen


As with everything that’s been going on, we come to a close with this chapter. Lots have been going on since the inception of Godzilla movies. from reincarnations making the monster more terrifying, to the lighter side of the creature that saved the world almost like a superhero in some ways.

regardless of where you stand, there is no doubt in my mind, that Godzilla has made a major impact on monster movies for a very long time. And it will continue to do so as we venture into the deeper reaches of age at 70 plus years old.  So let’s close off with a nice opening of us nearing the end of current Godzilla content. And as such, I’ll also be entering some of my youtube content down at the bottom of the content. Here on youtube, I talk about a lot of topics, From recipes,I use off and on to a few related contents of kaiju/monster movies.

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