Gamera Guardian of the universe

Just when you thought it was all over here comes the next installment for the Gamera series with a mid-nineties installment that reintroduces us to the turtle that started this all with a new take that is arguably considered the best the monster movies of the nineties has to offer. So sit back, relax and enjoy another review from this maniac of movie watching as we go through one of my favorite takes on the Gamera movies I have ever seen. Just to add that friendly reminder I am an amazon affiliate.
And the opened mouth turtle picture was taken by
LA Dawson
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Gamera the super monster

We got a monster brawl for you to close off the Showa series of Gamera films. But our journey with the oversized turtle is not over by a long way. Nope. “Because” we are almost to my favorite period of the series where it takes things to a whole new direction. for a friendly reminder, I am an amazon affiliate.
picture of alligator snapping turtle was taken by the usual brave guy named


LA Dawson

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Gamera vs Zigra

We have seen Gamera fight a numerous amount of monsters that carry an odd similarity to some animals we see today. From bats to lizards, to even a dinosaur. But We have never seen Gamera take on something like a shark. “Until” now. As we start the review I just wanted to remind you that I am an amazon affiliate and my links are down below as per usual if you are looking to buy a product. The shark picture was taken by Olga Ernst

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Gamera vs Jiger

Let me ask you maniacs a question. What do you get when you cross a giant super turtle and a super, powerful triceratops? I will tell you, You get one of my favorite movies of the series we have been following so far in the Showa series. I of course am I talking about Gamera vs Jigar. To give you guys the usual friendly reminder, I am an amazon affiliate. I also have a photo of a tricertops skull that was taken by Zachi Evenor

and LA Dawson

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Gamera vs Gurion

Knives, new planets, Alien chicks, missing kids, oh my! fill up those brain jars, man the ray guns and set your sights on this new review of Gamera. So jump on the enterprise, set your phasers to stun, Grab your crunchy popcorn and set off on an adventure that will take you to a super new planet filled with a couple of monsters and of course our favorite monster we have been following so far Gamera. A reminder for this is I am an amazon affiliate.
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Gamera vs Gaos

Another vs for all you Gamera maniacs all over the place here. This one is special as it shows a recurring character that you are going to see a lot in the movies from here on out. So sit back, Pull up the popcorn, grab your favorite drink and enjoy another blog post from the fellow maniac.

Let’s start by saying that this is one of the better movies from the Gamera series as it will be explained when we dive into this review Pictures of bats were taken by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


and AntanO



And the snapping turtle picture is taken by

LA Dawson

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Gamera vs Barugon

Just when you thought it was over. Just when you thought the Next Big G was gone forever outcomes Gamera. Back with a vengeance and ready for war. Let me tell you. Gamera is not happy. Gamera is one who doesn’t like to be played with too much. Images of the Chameleon by

Brocken Inaglory

And our opened jawed turtle by the brave guy And something to remember is I am an amazon affiliate

LA Dawson

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Gamera the Invincible!


You hear a lot about a certain big G everyone knows here. But did you know there was another big G in japan that almost outdid the king? This big G is a little different from Godzilla. Never less This one is just as rememberable of a giant monster. I present to you Gamera, Friend of children, Guardian of the universe.

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The Meg

Some times we come across some movies that surprise us in every turn in the story. And this movie was no exception. When I first heard about this movie I just thought of an oversized JAWS movie with fancy accents. But man was I wrong with this movie. As usual, I have the links for the movie along with a few extras down below if you want to have a look. And I am an amazon affiliate. Pictures are brought to you by Olga Ernst Terry Goss and MacFadden,


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Godzilla 1998 Review

Now we have come to a movie that is so controversial it changed the way TOHO did business with American companies for future films. As for my history with this film, Well as we go through our review we will see a lot of my impressions on this film.
Just a reminder I am an amazon affiliate and pictures are taken by Cayambe Bjørn Christian Tørrissen(Javiertz)

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