Terror Of Mecha Godzilla

And once again, we have returned to make another review on the classic giant monster page. only this time, we are on the last movie of the famed showa era of movies. And what a way to go out with a bang. New monsters, old monsters oh my. Just a whole new plethora of characters to talk about that it would make your head spin. But let’s see about talking about the basics. Because that’s what this is all about with classic giant monsters. Introducing a new generation to this type of media while at the same time, giving winking nods to the previous. So sit back and relax as we dive into another classic.

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Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla

Back by popular demand, classic giant monsters reach a closing point to the showa era movies. This point is taken into yet another different direction with the popularity of the “spy genre” dominating the culture market in the ’70s with the James bond movies. With that going on TOHO wouldn’t let an opportunity like that go unnoticed with their movies, so they took it on themselves to deliver in their own style of content with Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla. Just a friendly reminder that I am an amazon affiliate once again and the pictures will have the labels directed to their content creator.


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Godzilla vs Megalon

From dinosaurs to three-headed dragons from outer space, We are back with another classic giant monster movie review for this week. This time we are looking at another favorite movie of mine that is underrated a lot of times. So much so I am calling it criminal because of how the movie was set up and performed splendidly.

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Godzilla vs Gigan

We are getting into some of my favorite movies from this era of film and I am excited. Godzilla vs Gigan is one of those types of movies where you expect the unexpected. It’s a movie that goes over the top with some of its spectacular special effects for its time. Going for broke, TOHO acts like it is jumping into the next level of crazy movie moments with how this movie plays out. plenty of cheese and a lot more dark moments make this movie a little less kid-friendly. Friendly reminder again. I’m an amazon affiliate and all pictures belong to their respected owners listed below their pictures provided.


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Godzillas revenge or all monsters attack

Here’s another oddity for all you monster lovers to enjoy. jammed packed with monsters of many different shapes and sizes coming to you from the only Classic giant monsters!!!!! With this new review, I would like to remind you that all pictures belong to their respected owners

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Destroy all monsters

Well, here’s another classic just waiting to be unfolded with Destroy all monsters. Somewhat of a new movie on me. This is the first time I will be taking a deep dive into a movie needless to say for better or worse, I will give out the best review ever like I usually do. Anyways, as always, let’s dive into another classic from one of the greatest movie review blogs out there with DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The son of Godzilla

“Here we go again on our own, Going down the only road we have ever known, Like a drifter, I was born to walk alone. Well, I made up my mind, I ain’t wasting no more time, Here I go again” Yeah I just decided to make that reference. Sue me. We are back with another review for the millions of fans out there who want this amazing content in their timelines. I present to you guys out there, another classic from the film vaults of TOHO Son of Godzilla!!!! pictures provided by the following

TOHO pictures

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Eberiah horror of the deep.

Well, I have been a stick in the mud for long enough and now I think it is time to give you a movie that took interest for me as a kid back in the day. It was an odd moment in my life when watching this movie as I barely have any memory of the situation. But I know this movie was in my timeline. To be honest here. this movie was a real in-depth type of movie for me where I was basically lost within that world. It is an amazing experience to have with these types of movies, It is an experience I hope you all will get when you watch these types of movies, SO without any further delay here is the movie

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Invasion of the astro monster

Back with a vengeance come classic giant monsters, steamrolling in and plowing through the competition as once again, We come across another movie review for the week. With new ideas being thrown towards the site while interviewing some of the most influential people within the fandom, Classic giant monster commits to providing some of the best content available for your entertainment. Thanks again for checking this out as we continue with the stories you all have been waiting for with the newest entry into the classic monster site. Just a friendly reminder, all pictures respective owners will be listed under the pictures and I am an amazon affiliate. Please check out the privacy policy for more information under the info about the site link listed above.

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Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

We are back with one more review before The special coming your way. In this, I am proud to present the first time we ever see Godzilla’s arch-nemesis which is called King Ghidorah. A destroyer of worlds and a destined one that seeks the destruction of the earth. This is one of the main staples for the Showa Godzilla movies from this point onward. You wonder why? Well read up on this and I will tell you. Pictures are provided by the following and I am an amazon affiliate.

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