Godzilla vs Space Godzilla, A reevaluation

I’m typically a very open-minded individual with others’ opinions, hence why I am deciding to write out this blog post vs reusing my previous post. I feel as though I should relook at a famed classic of mine that helped build my childhood as a whole. It accord to me that it’s possible I could be into the movie out of pure nostalgia? Likely, But it goes without saying, I am the type of person who likes hearing what others have to say about a particular fandom with this being no exception.


The Godzilla design

Well, what really is there to say about this? Nothing has really changed with the overall design of the creature. We still get the dinosaur-like build that has been a sample of these movies ever since its inception. To be fair, I don’t see very many things wrong with the concept. The eyes are not too big and you gain a sense of this being a serious character.

The thing that I found so refreshing is just how each character interacted with their respected environments. Godzilla’s interactions were very well played out for the suit being the bulk of the character. Interacting with junior and reacting to all the ploys the humans would use to combat Godzilla. It was a very detailed interaction that was performed well.

The story

the story is fitted with a father attempting to save the son toupe coupled with a dash of moby dick and we got ourselves Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. Yeah, I would say it is an interesting combination of stories that fit well with the cannon of the beginning era of Godzilla from the 90s. ‘It’s a story that is fitted well together (At least in my eyes to deliver its own impactful showdown for the ages.

Are there negatives to this kind of concept? Possibly. I just never dove into the concept until now. But we at classic giant monsters always show off its pride by being the most unbias blog that ever graced kaiju fans alike.

special effects

I haven’t changed my mind on the special effects of this movie, I always thought it was the shining point in TOHO’s Hesiei era movies. However, It is understandable why one wouldn’t like the special effects. I think a lot of it had to do with TOHO going over the top with how they presented the movies as a whole. You get similar suit designs from previous movies and the flashes from the special effects lighting make for a few negatives that would hurt the movie in the long run.

Then, of course, you have the standard tropes in this movie like any other movie. Between the moby dick story to the villain kidnapping the son story arc, I am sure for some, this can be a tiring story arc. It ties into the special effects as a lot was placed on the designers to make all the action believable. Sometimes, when you place a lot into one situation, it ends up damaging in the long run. With all this out of the way, I think we can summarize the concept like this, People of different walks of life will always see a different view with a movie.



Space Godzilla

Well, this is a reevaluation of the suit designed to be Space Godzilla. Though there isn’t much to explain here, this is your clone that is more powerful than the original in almost every way. That appearance is solid to the point where It gives out the menacing look that gives the viewer an idea of what type of villain that we are dealing with. Something also to consider is just how creative the lightning for the creature is, always being shown in bits of darker lighting while giving out its own eerie glow at the same time.

Very well set up in my opinion for what’s to come. For those who may have seen the previous blog or watched the movie. You know Godzilla is faced with a kidnapping supervillain. Sort of an interesting call back to the showa era in a way with this kind of plot. it does have an appeal to it.

The opinions

There are many walks of life out there we don’t discuss very much. Mostly because there hasn’t been a real need to discuss. However, during Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2 with that comment, It did help in reevaluating the movies I saw as a kid. I mostly feel there was a bit of a bias involved in the decision-making process and that isn’t something that should happen on the best Kaiju blog of all time. (sort of Ironic but hey, got to have fun once in a while.)


Well, this was an interesting journey through the reevaluation and a nice call back to one of my favorite movies thought the Heisei era. (For some reason, I have to be the guy that likes movies, no one else dives into.)But that’s neither here nor there. I am just going to remind you guys I’m so thankful for all the support you all gave me for the many years this site has been online. it still amazes me just how many people get into this type of content. though I would like to interact with you guys more often, I understand. Most of my content doesn’t stick out far from most other blogs. But I’m still the best there is around.


Apologies ahead since I assumed I had a review of Godzilla vs space Godzilla on here, So Ill will place the link down below and let you guys decide if my reevaluation is good enough.

Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (Prime only)

Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2

Here we are, Back by popular demand, this is a classic giant monsters movie review. this week, we are diving into another super classic from the Heisei era of film. this one returns an old arch-nemesis of Godzilla’s which like the previous showa era version, proves to be just as dangerous for the Big G. Mecha Godzilla returns primed and ready to take out Godzilla once in for all as Japan takes center stage in this movie once again.


The story itself is one where Japan is still facing the threat of Godzilla and they need something that will be able to defeat such a creature, as a result, they poured so much into this weapon that it appears as a physical clone of Godzilla. With deadly weaponry and skilled fighter piolets. discovering a spawn of Godzilla and Rodan zooming in makes this movie an epic showdown for the ages. It is just something that draws you in every time you see this type of story. and the best part? this builds on an established canon that is easy to follow for all ages


Mecha Godzilla

Here, we are going over the major design of this new mecha. That is going to include my thoughts on the robot and how I believe it is one of the defining moments where the Heisei era of these films begins to change. What we see here is an example of humans directing so much hatred over a creature that their greatest weapon becomes almost a mirror image of the same creature. Deep foreshadowing with what’s to come.

(Just a little note, I did get this concept idea from a Twitter user we are all familiar with. But for those who are just joining in, they have been a guest on this site before and are known for their well-thought-out analysis of film and lore within the monster verse, Link to their Twitter will be down below.)

Going over this, I got to say, the main body design is just out of this world with classic, Lazer guns, missiles a jet pack! Oh my. I just love how there is more focus on the effects with how the robot works in this film. Not only does it focus on the human aspect of the movie, But There is also a good amount of lore building that gets you attached to the characters within the story.

Baby Godzilla

Well here is something that I never thought I would be praising here. But I’m going to praise this, Baby Godzilla has to be one of the most well-developed characters in the Heisei era. I am sure you guys are wondering why I am saying something like this? Well, The main reason has to do with the character’s development through each of the films. from the interactions with the human characters to the trials Baby Godzilla had to face within all these films, This helped develop the creature into its character. The thing about Baby Godzilla is we get to watch Baby Godzilla grow up in each of the respected films leading up to the end of the Heisei era.

Just the very concept of taking such a character that one would assume be something meant for toys only for it later to turn out as a memorable character within a movie series. It’s a very surreal feeling you get when viewing these movies.

Final thoughts

Welp, this movie had plenty of ups and downs with the story. But all in all, those are minor details considering the entire story we are working with. There is a turning point for the series with this being the start. It still amazes me how much story lore was made from this. It helps that the focus on the special effects was just so amazing. Everything is just spectacular with these movies.

But since I am rambling with this I am going to conclude my thoughts down below for you guys to enjoy.

I just love how well-versed the lore is with these movies. It was almost as though everything fell into place. Very few times do you encounter these kinds of movies. Between that, the special effects, and the very passion you rarely see with these movies fills me with great joy to encounter these movies.


Well, here we are, ending off another classic movie once again. I hope everyone enjoyed this classic. Things have been a little wonky with my gaming life here and there but eventually, things will get back to normal. Just need to work on a few upgrades to my system and save and save. Between that and a few changes within my life, things have been crazy. But that’s just part of the world we live in. And the truth of the matter is, We are thankful to be here to produce this kind of content for you guys every week.

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Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla 2

Godzilla and mothra,The battle for earth

Hello again everyone, and welcome to another addition to classic giant monsters. In today’s blog, we are going to be diving into yet another movie that fits this era of movies within the Godzilla movies. Plenty of content is still on the way with a few of these movies. Also might have a special ending to this era incoming. So stick around and enjoy the content as we make, yet another dive into another classic. Just a little reminder, I am an amazon affiliate and all pictures provided belong to their respective owners listed below their content.

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Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Heisei era

Here we are, back to work with another classic giant monsters movie review in the making. Eventually, we would reach this point of talking about this classic, And I couldn’t be happier to oblige. with the goofiness about to be turned up to eleven, I do not doubt that I might spark a chuckle of laughs here and there with some of you guys. So it is my pleasure to present to you. Godzilla vs Ghidorah!!!!

The plot thoughts

As far as the plot goes, this one considers the concept of time travel and attempts to change the canon of the original movies into its spin on things. I do find this idea an interesting concept to work with, however, most of the time, changing the lore in any film series as a whole has dire consequences over the overall story as the audiences watch.

This went on for the Star Wars movies as a prime example of lore changing. But I will not go into details as to the how. All that needs to be known is this. When you attempt something drastically new, you are going to lose the audience’s attention.

I see similar problems with this type of movie. But the difference between the two is just how seamless TOHO drives the plot in the movie, it’s not too fast the audiences wouldn’t be able to understand it, and it’s not too slow to lose the attention given to it.

And that to me, is how someone can be successful at changing canon to a story. At least, that is the first step. Next would be to go over how your movie looks on screen, so let’s cut to the special effects.

special effects

I have a bias when it comes to the Heisei era of these films. Couldn’t you tell? I give high praise to the special effects that were shown in each film. Of course for me at least, This is where I would give TOHO outstanding praise for their craft with the special effects. It seems like an era in time where it was all or nothing. What could one company do with a certain budget for the film industry? The answer came in the form of the Heisei era of films. Godzilla vs Ghidorah was no exception in that regard.

(Just to give you guys a note, From things I remembered. originally, King Kong was to make an appearance instead of king Ghidorah. Kind of odd how this would have turned out considering. But It would change the dynamic of how I saw these films if that were to happen. Being a major fan of this era, it would be interesting to see just how they would be able to create the Kong suit in the movie if they had the lease on the rights to Kong.)

King Ghidorah

Out of every design that came out of the TOHO studios, I am going to say this one is one of my favorites by far. There is just so much going on with this design.

First, let’s go over the appearance. A lot is being played out from the scales to the horns. There is a large amount of detail that goes into the Ghidorah suit. Even the origins of the monster are complete with massive amounts of detail. (Though if I am going, to be honest here, I think some of it was made to be a cash grab for advertising with some of their special effects.)

Regardless of how I feel about this, I still have a few grips with parts that I felt appealed too much to the younger audience. You get that with the pair of eyes the suit has. Fairly wide-eyed and sort of detailed. Now, this isn’t to the showa levels, I do feel it is what give the movie the goofy levels of “not to be taking this seriously moments” This is where I see the problems, it feels like the movie isn’t going a certain direction with what it was going for. It was like the plot was the Showa era in the ’90s. There are periods where things could work out, But in this case, they took two eras and tried to roll them into one.


Well, a lot of people understand the appeal of Godzilla when it comes to appearance. You get the dinosaur-like vibes just at a glance of the monster. Not to mention, the sheer detail that was put into the suit design was top-notch. Though I still have a problem with the eyes seeming bigger than the entire head. I think it works out well for what they were presenting. They are presenting larger-than-life characters with over-the-top special effects that to this day, still amazes me on how much effort was placed into this kind of content.

From the emotional look of Godzilla to the overall style of the creature. I will say this makes for a perfect blend with this type of movie


Well, here we are with another classic that has reached its end. I hope everyone enjoyed this review. It’s another one of those classics that while it isn’t so fondly remembered by myself, does have a certain feel for what it presents to you guys. It’s a feeling of a movie to give you a break from the harshness of reality and into the realm of fiction constantly. Something we all tend to lean towards from time to time, whether it is Netflix bing watching, or just taking a few hours to get away from it all. there is a certain feel with this as you dive deeper into the whole story of how things are. I for one, am thankful such a movie like this exists to take us all away from the stress of life if just for one moment. But not to ramble too far into this, I think you guys will enjoy this movie listed down below and I will see you guys in the next blog.

(Godzilla vs Ghidorah Heisei era) Double feature

Godzilla vs Biollante

Good afternoon / where ever time zone you guys are from. his is another review from classic giant monsters. This is an exciting era of film for me, as I’ve always been a fan. I gave you guys many reasons why I loved this era in the previous blog. So now You guys can see for yourselves as to why I love these movies with the one that helped introduce me to these movies. I can’t wait to show you guys why I love these movies. So sit back and relax as we explore an explosive start to these movies with Godzilla vs Biollante this week’s pictures are brought to you by the people listed down below and I’m an amazon affiliate.

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Godzilla 1985, the start of the heisi era in america

To start the blog, I want to recap to everyone what these reviews for the movies are about with Godzilla. With the movies spanning decades, We organize the movies based on the era each movie makes the showing in Japan. While our main focus is on the American side of these movies. There is a lot of movies that have mirrored the Japanese movies with a few alterations. I will not go over the differences between these movies since it has already been covered by a YouTuber. However, if you would comment down below if you want to know who YouTuber is, I will include the link down below directly to the channel, without further delay, let’s go over, Godzilla, 1985.

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Terror Of Mecha Godzilla

And once again, we have returned to make another review on the classic giant monster page. only this time, we are on the last movie of the famed showa era of movies. And what a way to go out with a bang. New monsters, old monsters oh my. Just a whole new plethora of characters to talk about that it would make your head spin. But let’s see about talking about the basics. Because that’s what this is all about with classic giant monsters. Introducing a new generation to this type of media while at the same time, giving winking nods to the previous. So sit back and relax as we dive into another classic.

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Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla

Back by popular demand, classic giant monsters reach a closing point to the showa era movies. This point is taken into yet another different direction with the popularity of the “spy genre” dominating the culture market in the ’70s with the James bond movies. With that going on TOHO wouldn’t let an opportunity like that go unnoticed with their movies, so they took it on themselves to deliver in their own style of content with Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla. Just a friendly reminder that I am an amazon affiliate once again and the pictures will have the labels directed to their content creator.


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Godzilla vs Megalon

From dinosaurs to three-headed dragons from outer space, We are back with another classic giant monster movie review for this week. This time we are looking at another favorite movie of mine that is underrated a lot of times. So much so I am calling it criminal because of how the movie was set up and performed splendidly.

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Godzilla vs Gigan

We are getting into some of my favorite movies from this era of film and I am excited. Godzilla vs Gigan is one of those types of movies where you expect the unexpected. It’s a movie that goes over the top with some of its spectacular special effects for its time. Going for broke, TOHO acts like it is jumping into the next level of crazy movie moments with how this movie plays out. plenty of cheese and a lot more dark moments make this movie a little less kid-friendly. Friendly reminder again. I’m an amazon affiliate and all pictures belong to their respected owners listed below their pictures provided.


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