Yimer the space monster vs King Kong

It is that time as we get through January with a vs blog for the week. (granted this is a little weird considering by the time you get this the last Monday will be over, But hey things will be back to normal here in no time.) But getting that detail out of them was, this is another vs brought to you once again by classic giant monsters. Pictures were taken by

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King Kong VS Gamera

This is the hotshot you all wanted for some time. This is one of the legendary proportions that shake the world to its core. Like King Kong vs Godzilla, another Big G is wanting to dive in on this action. So let me present to you Gamera vs King Kong. Pictures were taken by Soham Banerjee and BrokenSphere

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Another man behind the ape



Do you remember the last post about a man behind the ape we know as King Kong? Well, we have a second director who played a big role in making the king Kong movie we all know and love. And I will have to say unlike our last personal bio this one is quite the opposite when it comes to excitement from a person’s life.

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A Look at King Kong (2005)

Hello and welcome back to my website. Today I get to review a movie that has been remade about seven times from movie to television it has been through it all. What am I talking about you ask? Well, read below and find out. Just a reminder all links are provided by amazon. Continue reading “A Look at King Kong (2005)”