The founder of TOHO Ichizo Kobayashi

As in all forms of media, there are always foundations that create the establishments we come to know and love today.TOHO is no exception to this rule. With all great companies comes a leader. A specific leader with a vision that drives people to new heights that lead us to where we are today.

Origin story

Kobayashi was born in Kawarabe village, Koma, Yamanashi Prefecture (present-day Nirasaki, Yamanashi) on January 3, 1873, to a wealthy merchant family known by the trade name “Nunoya” His mother died immediately after his birth and his father left the family, leaving Kobayashi under the care of his uncle’s family.

An interesting start of a story though we have our fair share of dark stories here, I would say this would take the cake for deeper types of lives.





schooling and career

He was named Ichizō, meaning “one-three”, because of his birthday, January 3. He graduated from Keio Gijuku in 1892. After a 14-year career at the Mitsui Bank, he founded (technically as one of the promoters/executive directors) Mino-o Arima Electric Railway Company (then Hankyu Corp., now, Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, Inc.) in 1907. At Hankyu, Kobayashi made success in the management of the railway in a less-populated region by developing residential areas and an amusement park along the railway line as well as a department store at the railway terminal. He also established the Takarazuka Revue and the Hankyu professional baseball team (the predecessors of Orix Buffaloes) to attract passengers. Such a business model established by Kobayashi was followed by other railway companies in Japan.


An industry leader

Knowing all this form of media, We now dive into some of the ways he established himself within the industry to learn what he has and possibly what he entailed his vision of life would be.

chizō Kobayashi was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to lead a diplomatic mission to the Dutch East Indies in 1940. Negotiations were for a new agreement on Dutch oil. On September 12, 1940, a Japanese delegation of 24, led by Kobayashi as the Minister of Commerce and Industry, arrived in Batavia to renegotiate political and economic relations between Japan and the Dutch East Indies. Included were six high-ranking military officers, including one of the Rear Admiral Tadashi Maeda.

The Dutch Embassy in Japan did not actively take part, although the Dutch Ambassador in Tokyo, J .C. Pabst, had already received the first list of Japanese economic demands in June 1940. Later, all further negotiations were conducted via the Dutch colonial administration in Batavia and Sukabumi, and received support from the Japanese Consulate General, in the persons of Masatoshi Saito (before 1941) and later by Yutaka Ishizawa.

Their first demand was an increase in petrol exports to Japan from the existing 570,000 tons in 1939 to 3,750,000 tons, about 50% of the total Dutch East Indies production. The Dutch answered that existing obligations would only permit an increase to about 1,800,000 tons. Kobayashi initially accepted this proposal but was soon recalled to Japan on October 2, 1940.

some final thoughts

I think this goes without saying that this guy has built a legacy that spans generations onward. It also helps to be so diversified in what he did to make the foundations. Just all so inspiring. from railways to bak promoters to eventually a career in theater, there is no doubt that Kobayashi has left his name as a mark in japans fabled history as the father of industry and eventually entertainment mediums.

Though he was part of the old style of japan, let us not forget the thing that binds us from all over the world together. Our sense of growth and the pursuit of happiness.


Well, things are slowly getting back to normal in our lives. I am glad to finally get back to telling these kinds of stories. There is just so much that needs to be told. From the actors and suitmation stunners to the directors and the special effects designers, all have contributed substantially to what we all know and love today. It’s just awesome covering their stories and how they felt when they first made their way through the movie industry. All forms of content to be had.

But as in all things, we have come to our usual conclusion of such blog posts out there. I hope you guys enjoy the stories that come from these people. There should be more in-depth looks into their stories as a whole and I’ll be happy to deliver that kind of content to these posts.

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