Godzilla vs Space Godzilla, A reevaluation

I’m typically a very open-minded individual with others’ opinions, hence why I am deciding to write out this blog post vs reusing my previous post. I feel as though I should relook at a famed classic of mine that helped build my childhood as a whole. It accord to me that it’s possible I could be into the movie out of pure nostalgia? Likely, But it goes without saying, I am the type of person who likes hearing what others have to say about a particular fandom with this being no exception.


The Godzilla design

Well, what really is there to say about this? Nothing has really changed with the overall design of the creature. We still get the dinosaur-like build that has been a sample of these movies ever since its inception. To be fair, I don’t see very many things wrong with the concept. The eyes are not too big and you gain a sense of this being a serious character.

The thing that I found so refreshing is just how each character interacted with their respected environments. Godzilla’s interactions were very well played out for the suit being the bulk of the character. Interacting with junior and reacting to all the ploys the humans would use to combat Godzilla. It was a very detailed interaction that was performed well.

The story

the story is fitted with a father attempting to save the son toupe coupled with a dash of moby dick and we got ourselves Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. Yeah, I would say it is an interesting combination of stories that fit well with the cannon of the beginning era of Godzilla from the 90s. ‘It’s a story that is fitted well together (At least in my eyes to deliver its own impactful showdown for the ages.

Are there negatives to this kind of concept? Possibly. I just never dove into the concept until now. But we at classic giant monsters always show off its pride by being the most unbias blog that ever graced kaiju fans alike.

special effects

I haven’t changed my mind on the special effects of this movie, I always thought it was the shining point in TOHO’s Hesiei era movies. However, It is understandable why one wouldn’t like the special effects. I think a lot of it had to do with TOHO going over the top with how they presented the movies as a whole. You get similar suit designs from previous movies and the flashes from the special effects lighting make for a few negatives that would hurt the movie in the long run.

Then, of course, you have the standard tropes in this movie like any other movie. Between the moby dick story to the villain kidnapping the son story arc, I am sure for some, this can be a tiring story arc. It ties into the special effects as a lot was placed on the designers to make all the action believable. Sometimes, when you place a lot into one situation, it ends up damaging in the long run. With all this out of the way, I think we can summarize the concept like this, People of different walks of life will always see a different view with a movie.



Space Godzilla

Well, this is a reevaluation of the suit designed to be Space Godzilla. Though there isn’t much to explain here, this is your clone that is more powerful than the original in almost every way. That appearance is solid to the point where It gives out the menacing look that gives the viewer an idea of what type of villain that we are dealing with. Something also to consider is just how creative the lightning for the creature is, always being shown in bits of darker lighting while giving out its own eerie glow at the same time.

Very well set up in my opinion for what’s to come. For those who may have seen the previous blog or watched the movie. You know Godzilla is faced with a kidnapping supervillain. Sort of an interesting call back to the showa era in a way with this kind of plot. it does have an appeal to it.

The opinions

There are many walks of life out there we don’t discuss very much. Mostly because there hasn’t been a real need to discuss. However, during Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2 with that comment, It did help in reevaluating the movies I saw as a kid. I mostly feel there was a bit of a bias involved in the decision-making process and that isn’t something that should happen on the best Kaiju blog of all time. (sort of Ironic but hey, got to have fun once in a while.)


Well, this was an interesting journey through the reevaluation and a nice call back to one of my favorite movies thought the Heisei era. (For some reason, I have to be the guy that likes movies, no one else dives into.)But that’s neither here nor there. I am just going to remind you guys I’m so thankful for all the support you all gave me for the many years this site has been online. it still amazes me just how many people get into this type of content. though I would like to interact with you guys more often, I understand. Most of my content doesn’t stick out far from most other blogs. But I’m still the best there is around.


Apologies ahead since I assumed I had a review of Godzilla vs space Godzilla on here, So Ill will place the link down below and let you guys decide if my reevaluation is good enough.

Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (Prime only)