Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2

Here we are, Back by popular demand, this is a classic giant monsters movie review. this week, we are diving into another super classic from the Heisei era of film. this one returns an old arch-nemesis of Godzilla’s which like the previous showa era version, proves to be just as dangerous for the Big G. Mecha Godzilla returns primed and ready to take out Godzilla once in for all as Japan takes center stage in this movie once again.


The story itself is one where Japan is still facing the threat of Godzilla and they need something that will be able to defeat such a creature, as a result, they poured so much into this weapon that it appears as a physical clone of Godzilla. With deadly weaponry and skilled fighter piolets. discovering a spawn of Godzilla and Rodan zooming in makes this movie an epic showdown for the ages. It is just something that draws you in every time you see this type of story. and the best part? this builds on an established canon that is easy to follow for all ages


Mecha Godzilla

Here, we are going over the major design of this new mecha. That is going to include my thoughts on the robot and how I believe it is one of the defining moments where the Heisei era of these films begins to change. What we see here is an example of humans directing so much hatred over a creature that their greatest weapon becomes almost a mirror image of the same creature. Deep foreshadowing with what’s to come.

(Just a little note, I did get this concept idea from a Twitter user we are all familiar with. But for those who are just joining in, they have been a guest on this site before and are known for their well-thought-out analysis of film and lore within the monster verse, Link to their Twitter will be down below.)

Going over this, I got to say, the main body design is just out of this world with classic, Lazer guns, missiles a jet pack! Oh my. I just love how there is more focus on the effects with how the robot works in this film. Not only does it focus on the human aspect of the movie, But There is also a good amount of lore building that gets you attached to the characters within the story.

Baby Godzilla

Well here is something that I never thought I would be praising here. But I’m going to praise this, Baby Godzilla has to be one of the most well-developed characters in the Heisei era. I am sure you guys are wondering why I am saying something like this? Well, The main reason has to do with the character’s development through each of the films. from the interactions with the human characters to the trials Baby Godzilla had to face within all these films, This helped develop the creature into its character. The thing about Baby Godzilla is we get to watch Baby Godzilla grow up in each of the respected films leading up to the end of the Heisei era.

Just the very concept of taking such a character that one would assume be something meant for toys only for it later to turn out as a memorable character within a movie series. It’s a very surreal feeling you get when viewing these movies.

Final thoughts

Welp, this movie had plenty of ups and downs with the story. But all in all, those are minor details considering the entire story we are working with. There is a turning point for the series with this being the start. It still amazes me how much story lore was made from this. It helps that the focus on the special effects was just so amazing. Everything is just spectacular with these movies.

But since I am rambling with this I am going to conclude my thoughts down below for you guys to enjoy.

I just love how well-versed the lore is with these movies. It was almost as though everything fell into place. Very few times do you encounter these kinds of movies. Between that, the special effects, and the very passion you rarely see with these movies fills me with great joy to encounter these movies.


Well, here we are, ending off another classic movie once again. I hope everyone enjoyed this classic. Things have been a little wonky with my gaming life here and there but eventually, things will get back to normal. Just need to work on a few upgrades to my system and save and save. Between that and a few changes within my life, things have been crazy. But that’s just part of the world we live in. And the truth of the matter is, We are thankful to be here to produce this kind of content for you guys every week.

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Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla 2