Staypuft marshmellow man vs Michlian tire man

Hey Hey hey what do you say? I’m back with another classic VS you guys want to hear and read.
the pictures were made by

WayneRay for the tire and

Leon Brooks

for the marshmallow jar

The Goofy idea

I figured that since this was the time of the year when Halloween is just a few days away from us. I wanted to play a crazier post than usual. So I think this vs for this post should be a very funny post for this one.
I came up with the idea shortly after my last post as Halloween was just around the corner I wanted to celebrate with you guys by giving you a special post to enjoy the holidays with.

The staypuft guy

“If” there is something strange. In the neighborhood. Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Yeah, I have seen that movie to a bunch of times. But Let’s talk about the stay puft man first before we get carried away in the past. Stay puft was inspired by the tire man during the production of this movie which can be a negative for a vs as being a second hand is always a bad sign for anyone.

But stay puft man is made out of marshmallows as we see in the movie which means you can basically set it on fire and melt the poor fellow into a pile of wet sticky goodness. I wish there were chocolate bars and graham crackers in that scene.


The size for this tub of mellow is 100 feet for us Yankees and 30.5meters for everyone else. I’m not very good at math but a single marshmallow weighs like seven grams.

Tire man

Tires, tires, tires interesting as it is I found it unique as it was once advertising in France in 1894 making him the oldest trade mark ever. And I have to say the advertising for this guy is second to none. I might include the poster along with the translation for you guys to look at when you are feeling ambitious. I thought the poster looked amazing and cool when you translate the poster. But of course there are weaknesses to tires including the dreaded pot holes. Like plot holes in movies they can completely ruin your day. Also, the usual wear and tear is always a bad sign when everything is involved including the slip and slide of weather and poor road conditions. Knowing the fact that the tire man inspired our marshmallow fellow that is what kind of played a factor in my decision for a winner of this match.

(Translation) It’s time to drink. And that is to say At your health. Drinks the obstacle

How tires always beat marshmallows

Let’s face it a tire that rolls over marshmallows as well as make a few burnouts are always going to win in any contest. They are faster, tough, and also more expensive. I know a few tires come in different sizes but we are talking about a mascot that represents a brand and for the tire man that brand is selling tires. They come in all shapes and sizes so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock when I say tires always flatten marshmallows. Part of my idea I thought about was making this like a wrestling match or something to do with boxing. I just thought it would be a little funny to play with as me being goofy is not something I usually do. I have a few ideas the next time I decide to do another goofy vs series including the said idea above.


There is no estimated size for this one. I found that really odd. But whatever we could always go by the commercials and say seven feet. And say like five hundred pounds.



I made a decision since this is a more goofy post than usual. I want this one to play a special place on this site. So I decided to make this post with no links as this is one that just fun to play with as you read/listen to it.
I also decided that this is going to be my post where I wouldn’t have any links for this one because I believe this is a post to play with and have some fun. More links will come in on the regular reviews so stick around.

I also want to take the time to thank every one of you for reading/listening to some of my work. I sometimes know I can mess up and make a few grammar mistakes. I’m going to work on that part as I go. The site is always improving and changing as we work but the content will remain the same. Though some people don’t understand the content I produce, You are not some people. This content is for you guys and I want to let you know that. Thank you.

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