Spiders. Oh my!

Spiders? Spiders! SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got a can of raid on you? cause you are going to need it for this blog. Make sure you get it in the extra size cause these spiders are big. A war between giant spiders fighting humans can only mean one thing. Total annihilation! pack the cans of Raid, arm yourselves with your biggest flyswatters, and get ready to run. These giant spiders don’t hold back. The pictures were taken by these wonderful people


Basile Morin


Story of spiders

Let’s start off with the opening of this film taking place in outer space. (Hey that rhymes!) where a Soviet station carrying spiders is decommissioned and crawling all over the cabin with tons of spiders. In the next part, the transition goes to an opening where we get to meet our hero of this story named. Jason Cole who works for the NY transit as a supervisor. We gain the usual banter that hits pretty close to home in some cases before we get an amber alert style of alarm sending people into a search mode as to what happened. So our hero Jason sends in his co-worker in to find out where the commotion is coming from. With the banter on how the coworker did a few tours of duty in Iraq, we get an eerie glimpse at the space debris from the Soviet satellite that punched through the station. This is the part where we get our first encounter with the”Giant spider” as the first one bites the poor guy causing a painful death that causes Jason to try to find out what is going on. Though the chance of electrocution Jason disagrees with everyone including the coroner as his friend Jimmy was way too experienced to have something like that happen. Later when Jason’s ex-wife(Who is the coroner) examines the body she manages to pull out spider eggs from the skin of the poorly fated man. We soon gain a glimpse at another person who is in a search for the eggs in the form of a Cornel who wants the silk for a very high advantage of technology for soldiers. So as the story heats up with the mugging and the killings we see the spiders growing in size and numbers that send chills through everyone who seen them up close. Now I just got one question for all of you viewers of my work. Will you survive this horrific war against SPIDERS?

Special effects

CGI is very well-used for what we get from the usual independent movies. There are some shots that would take the realism out of the movie if you decide to focus on that aspect but I will say they put in a lot of work into the environment shots. When we start off in outer space we see a set of asteroids that crash into the satellite causing all sorts of damage that left debris in the pull of the earth as it comes crashing to the earth. The spiders themselves are where you would get the grievances from me as far as special effects go. It seems like the bigger they are the less realistic. But it is like I have said though it all comes to tastes. I mean I was one into a 300-foot dinosaur that breaths radioactive fire and that is a little far from realism there.

A group of stars

Patrick Muldoon to me was a great star in the film showing everyone he is a common hero just trying to survive the government and the alien spiders trying to kill him constantly. Even single moment with this person feels so natural that you feel this guy is the movie. Just a great performance on his part.

Pete lee Wilson is the doctor who originally experimented on the aliens turned into spiders. You can tell this actor did very well with playing like an experienced scientist who has seen a lot during his time in the Soviet Union. You really gain the feel of him being an experienced scientist in the film and gain the usual troops you see in almost any movie involving a scientist.

William Hope is the head military officer in the movie that is operating under the subway tunnels to try to catch these things as quickly as possible. You do gain some vibes from the way this character is used. You gain a sense of authority with this person because of how powerful his character is. Though his character’s demise does seem a little cartoony if you ask me it is what it is

Why this movie

Why should you see this movie? I imagine that is one of your minds after reading the brief summary of the movie above. Well, I am going to explain. I believe you guys so buy this movie because of how well done it was despite that being an independent film. I also enjoyed that science fiction feel you get when you would watch one of those films in the 50s Just so much nostalgia. The story is great and the special effects are top-notch. I would recommend this film to any new timers of monster films. I also feel a lot of passion for film was put into this type of film and you can feel it all as you watch.


As we come to another end of a fun journey throughout our time here. Just like per usual all links for your needs are down below for your viewing pleasure. And I will see you all on my next post.


Spiders multi format (2d/3d)

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