Son of Kong

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a triple dose of review since GAMERA messed with my blogging schedule again. Now we get an interesting new one in the form of the son of Kong where we can see the glorious stop motion Willis O brian is best known for. Get ready for the chills and thrills as we venture into the forbidden jungles of Skull island where we encounter all sorts of dangerous beasts that will send you screaming and laughing from the pace of this fun movie. Just a friendly reminder I am an amazon affiliate and these pictures belong to
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Carls troubles

Taking place after the events of the previous Kong movie we find Carl in hiding from every news reporter in New York. Needless to say, our poor Carl is really down in the dumps with all the mess over his head regretting every catching Kong to show on stage. We get a return from Charle (the ships cook) that helped capture Kong to tell Carl that the skipper Eaglehorn is trying to contact him for an idea he has to get out of the debt they owe to the city. People even try to break inside a friend’s home who really has done this before. fortunately for him. They have an informant that warns Carl that now the supreme court is looking to endite him into a trial for all the harm Kong has caused. So after Carl and his informant manage to escape from a few more reporters to enter Eaglehorns ship with the plan in mind and a lot of stress hanging over his shoulders. The plan was to set up a skeleton crew so that can set sail to the west indies for some work while avoiding the law. Of course, they manage to do so and set sail to a part that is very close to our famed Skull island. While on land the wise guys decide to check out a monkey show to make monkies out of themselves. ( you might get a lot more of these puns for this blog post.)

But it seemed like carls troubles are melted away when the two go to the show that concludes with a lady making her impression on stage singing. (I should have told you guys to plug your ears. this is one of those voices that would send Simon caul straight to the hospital really quick from ruptured eardrums. (Yeah this woman can’t not sing.) But of course, Carl sees things in a different light and that brings out the best of the worst. I mean just look at that idea with King Kong and taking him to new york. I think we all knew how that turned out. back to the topic, We finally see our lady of the hour speaking with her father about the show. But of course like fate would have it. the show tent later gets burned to a crisp and a poor lady with her dead father trying to rebuild her life.

Carl gets some stuff rolling with the captain before heading back to the sea when the woman from the show confronts Carl and tries her hardest to get a ship ride from himself since she has no show or family to go to. So after a couple of refusals, she seems to have given up on this until the ship sets sail and a mutiny is involved. What happens next you ask? well, that is something you will have to find out later.

Return to the island

We now turn our attention to skull island. You know the one. That one with the dinosaurs that have large teeth trying to make lunch out of Anne Darrow from the previous movie. Needless to say, we don’t see too many big dinos in this one. We might see a relationship with the wildlife as we see a prehistoric bear as well as something similar to a triceratops. But we do see the dangers still flourishing throughout the entire jungles along with a few angry natives with some of the throwing arms strong enough to outdo a football players toss.

A little Kong

This is where we take a peek at the little monkey spawn of Kong who is very much not like his dad for some odd reason. Being a white color where there is a lot of green seems like something that you would think would hurt that oversized gorilla but nope. Not only that, but The monkey is also not the brightest bulb in the bunch if you know what I mean. But this fuzzy guy does have his dad’s power when he fights off a bear and a sea beast with his old man’s prowess. I will admit he is clever sometimes in a fight but don’t ask him to count or give him a shotgun. He might break it accidentally. But this monkey does have a really good heart of gold and he wouldn’t let you down.

the darkest end to a comedy.

I am just going to say this about the end of this movie. For a comedy that has a focus more on the action inside, the ending itself is something that is so dark it feels like something completely out of character for the comedy movie. But I assume the reason why is due to the times back then(the 30’s). You got a depression where the stock market dropped low and you got a dust cloud threatening to chock you out with each breath you take. So I can see why they would go for this type of tone in the movie. Even still. it is a movie you would have more of a respect for after researching more into the history behind it. Cracking some of the jokes is fine sure but just taking a deeper dive into this makes you realize what makes things important in your life. But enough of that mess. We will be here to open up more of a comedy aspect. I am after all improving what I do to make this fun to read after all. But man did they make a monkey out of me with that ending. You should see it for yourselves.


Another blog and another win for us today.Be sure to check out the link down below for your viewing pleser since you are stuck at home and I will see you on the next blog.

Son of Kong

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