Son of Kong vs Mighty Joe Young

When you thought I couldn’t make a monkey out of you here I am back with another vs blog for this month. This time we have two monkeys for you to check out as they make a brawl for all style of a fight.(I knew I should have set up a wrestling ring. The squared circle would be perfect for these two. This idea was stirring around on twitter and it was brought up by this guy. @Zac123945

If you guys have a twitter you should check him out for sure.
pictures were taken by
Akira Kouchiyama.


Soham Banerjee

Ettore Balocchi

Kong’s son

Well, we got a monkey with a strong arm that was meant to break things like twigs. Just remember, this is the son of the infamous (King Kong because you know the fame) Sorry I had to through that reference in here. You know that one monkey fights dinosaurs and swats planes from the sky. This is his son. Although he is a bit dopey for being a son. He does have his strengths. Like the old man, he can fight with pieces of weapons all over the place.

The big negatives for this monkey are that he is pretty dumb when it comes to planing. He also is one how will try to do something only to bumble through it all. Being only twelve feet tall, this monkey is a small little bugger to say the least, and dealing with our other monkey it is going to be pretty hard. But something to not give your hopes on is the speed this white beast has over Joe. With quick reflexes he can manage to get out of a sticky situation if need be. Don’t believe me? ask that prehistoric bear who tried to make little Kong into a lunch meat sandwich.

Mighty Joe

Now we come to Mighty Joe young who was claimed to be mightier than King Kong. Being five teen feet tall and one-ton gives Joe a bit of an advantage over his competition. Now this monkey is one that can be bent on revenge over this monstrous ape. Being a one-ton beast it seems like Joe could be unstoppable and is a complete opposite of the son of Kong. However, Not everything is what it seems. This monkey is an aggressive beast that doesn’t use his head in a fight when in a rage to flip cars over. So as you can tell, Joe is like a mad teen that doesn’t get what he wants.

The area

I think I am going to have fun with this by making this inside a wrestling arena as a means of making a good middle ground where both sides wouldn’t have an advantage over one and another while at the same time,lie around with a really goofy idea. Just think of this, Imagine going into the squared circle with thousands of screaming kids waving foam fingers as Kongmainia makes his way to the ring where the Joe express is waiting.(Can’t you tell I am a wrestling fan yet?)But to get back on topic before I “HULK OUT” I thought about having a bit of fun today so why not play with this idea? Both monkeys are not too serious anyway.

The deathmatch

Yeah, this is going to be one of those fights where one of these apes are going to die. But after working out idea after idea out inside my head I think I cam up with an idea that will satisfy everyone here. After much consideration I have come to a point where I have decided Joe is the one who will be a winner. I got a few reasons as to why that is the case but some of the biggest ones have to include the size of the creature as well as just how aggressive Joe is to people. Another monkey would just be a punching bag to Joe who will make him into a couch like the car in the 1996 remake. Topping with a couple of times the size of the ape. Joe is one who is pretty smart as well with the way he fights people in the remake of his movie along with fighting Lions in his original move. Both versions would be a problem for up for our little Kong.

Whether it comes to dirty tactics or clean breaks I am going to keep saying Joe is going to be the winner. This monkey can hold grudges and has shown he would do whatever it takes to beat his enemies to a pulp.


Well here we are at the end of this vs blog for this week and month. I am very glad you all came to see my work. It really helps me just knowing I have a good following that likes what I do. I know how hard it is being out there with the virus going around and no one knows what they are talking about. But things are opening up and now you guys have more free rein. I hope you keep coming back for more content and maybe a couple of movies to escape this clown world. That will be down below for you guys to check out. Cya in the next blog which will be another personal bio for next week.

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