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Let me start by saying I am getting to a point where I’m very good at falling behind these few years since I have been doing this type of content. But that’s just part of what we have to go through the day today. I’ll admit there are plenty of days where it gets harder to do this kind of content with everything going on around us, But I am one of those types where I try not to make things an issue for other people and just keep pushing forward towards the future in hopes that maybe there will be some sort of relief at the end of all this. Aside from the petty problems with the world I do have to consider the people I do write about in every personal bio that’s written. I’m sure they had similar issues with their lives before my blogs. Yet look how far they came despite what they have faced. It is a very admirable trait to have. But that’s enough of that sort of ramble, let’s focus our attention on who everyone came here to see.

I present to you guys Shirō Sagisu!


Ibrahim Kamil and Qonit Lutfi

The start-up pack

Let’s start with as usual with where Shiro Sagisu was born. Shiro was born in Setagaya, Tokyo Japan on August 29, 1957. while there isn’t much about the family life he had, From what I have gathered, it seems like just a natural life with the family. No surprise there. While there isn’t much information out there, it does remind us just how people approach their life in the spectrum of things. some people like to be documented some just want to live out the average life in peace.

So let’s take some time to talk a little about the important things that matter. That has to be family. though there are times many people might not have the family structure most of us take for granted, It is still important to have that deep connection with people. We see this is important across the personal bios as we venture into these people’s lives. The stories speak for themselves with all their trials where they had to overcome obstacles to reach where they are now, from the timing wars to the usual drama of everyday life. There will always be amazing stories out there of people who came far in life. What came after is where we are now, We discuss their impact in the movies and beyond.




Jonathan Tan








His career in animation

Eventually, our guy made a dive over into animation where he would later produce some of his best works of art. There are plenty of works I could list here. but just like anything, that depends on how a person was to approach this content. There are a couple out there that I am sure some of you might know. those will be listed here. But the majority of his work comes from the music composed in animated works throughout his career.

A moment

This is yet another person who wished to keep his life under wraps away from the prying eyes. that’s all understandable considering. While I do wish I could talk about this person more in-depth, it’s understandable as to why things are what they are. Sometimes there are things where you just got to define what the difference is between business and personal life out there.

Final thoughts

A very respected player in the world of giant monster movies, Shiro has proven himself on more than one occasion that he has what it takes to play with some of the best toho has to offer. I’m still amazed at the stories behind these people sometimes with Shiro being no different from this person. Though there is little I could tell you about this person, the works he did on many animations still captivate the audience at large to this day. Believe me, when I say, his works do bring some amazement to this day. check out the works down below.


Another great legend’s story draws to a close as we end this later personal bio of the week. I thank everyone for their time spent on this site. There are just so many stories to cover that this site could continue to go on for years after. That much potential content on top of the new releases makes classic giant monsters the site that it is. many people have made such contributions to the fandom that it’s hard to single out one person. But there are those out there that would do more for the content if they were deeply invested in this. We had a few on here previously that brought in spectacular concepts that we enjoy viewing even to this day. Just goes to show that people will grow to this type of content if you get interested.

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