Shinji, The wizard of special effects

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His upbringing

Born September 22, 1965, our special effects’ guy had a very prosperous life in Tokyo Japan. Being a fan in anime he started out as one of the four co-founders of Gainax which is best known for Neon Genesis Evangelion being popular in 1995. He eventually got to help special effects director Teruyoshi Nakano for the movie Return of Godzilla. Which unfortunately he wasn’t credited for his work. His first real special effects’ credit came from a movie by the name of, The Eight-Headed Giant Serpent Strikes Back But the anime doesn’t stop there. (What do you mean? you ask.) Well, he did some storyboards for other animes including Gunbuster, and Otaku no Video and was a special effects’ director for Mikadroid. Needless to say, he was also the one who helped the creation of the popular anime above that made the company rise to stardom. Between that and the Gamera Trilogy that started in the 90’s(Which will be covered later.), this guy carries with him a lot of great successes.



His story with special effects’

As he continued with his success, Shinji began to direct special effects’ for some movies including Princess Blade and
Pistol Opera both of which were made in 2001. during the same year, he would also work with TOHO for the special effects’ in a scene of Giant monsters’ all-out attack. In addition to special effects’, He also did CGI for the first Hamtaro movie. He also storyboarded for fight scenes for the superhero epic Casshern in 2004.

Coming across Gamera

Here is where we talk a little about Shinji’s role with the 90s Gamera trilogy that had so much success This was the proving ground as success came with the force of lightning. With the amount of attention, he gave to the film. You would be surprised by how much work was put into the trilogy. Even to this day, Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys remains the most revered CGI masterpiece in the giant monster community. Some could even say this is the point where he started his directing of movies.

The other stuff.

In 2004, he became involved with a very successful franchise known as Pokemon during the production of a movie called
Jirachi: Wish Maker in which he was a storyboard artist and later on he was commissioned to produce artwork for the Pokemon trading card game in an expansion pack named HeartGold & SoulSilver for the legend cards.

In 2005, Shinji started directing movies like Lorelei which was another one that met with huge success in Japan as a science fiction/ww2 epic. His next project was a remake of TOHO’s disaster films Japan sinks. This was poorly received by critics as it won second place in the Bunshun Kiichigo Awards which was the Japan equivalent of the Razzie awards.but he got back on the good luck horse as he gained Hidden Fortress: The Last Princess as his film for 2008. In 2015, Shinji directed the two-part anime adapted into a live-action movie called Attack on titan. He also recently managed to co-direct a movie that is pretty near and dear to me to this day in 2016 called ShinGodzilla alongside with the screenwriter for Evangelion Hideaki Anno. With shin under his belt now.


Shinji managed to win several awards when he was nominated for the Japan Academy Prize Award as co-director for the said movie. Shinji Higuchi also appeared as an honorary guest at the Famous Monsters Convention Dallas Texas, with an of special effects’ cameraman Keiichi Sakurai which was sponsored by Monster Attack Team magazine. The convention screened the Shin Godzilla movie that was shown by TOHO and redistributed by FUNimation Entertainment in North America. and ended up getting a Blu-ray release stateside in August 2017. Shinji also appeared as a special guest at G-fest 14 in July 2017. “So as” you can very easily tell this guy has quite the record of good movies under his belt. (Including a few I might review some time in the future. “As” we go through these monster movies together.) But with what we have here is someone who is a big anime fan that got to work on some of the biggest anime shows ever, Not to mention the success of his movies including the Gamera trilogy. Now I wanted to take the time to give you guys a full opinion from me when it comes to people like this.


As you guys know I would always try to make sure the personal bios I put out there for you to see are entertaining. But one thing about these is when you research a person and there is not much on the said person you just gotta go with the flow and press on. But as for Shinji, As an anime fan myself, I find his story to be very telling of what a histories person can be and still is doing to this day. I gotta say I am impressed by his hard work and the fact he gets to live out a dream of coming up with different things for movies and TV shows. I would imagine it would be an awesome feeling.


Pistol Opera DVD only

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