Screaming for tremors 2

Well, here we go with another tremor movie for you guys to watch this go around. Here we go with the sequel to the hit classic.

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Can you run?

Can you run from a Graboid? What if that Graboid had legs and could run? Granted these are a little pint-sized than the usual you would see on the big screen given that they are the next stages of change in their identity But hey it is worth a shot to check out.

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A few big guns later

Bert is back with bigger guns as he shows off some devastating firepower that would surly pound those worms to dust as well as more explosives that will lift anyone offs the ground within miles of the blast. If that isn’t enough for you to pop that movie into you Blu-ray/DVD player then I have no idea where you guys went. I will say this for this paragraph of a gun guy. It is quite a blast.

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What a story for you

The movie starts off in good old Mexico at an oil field where a worker is trying to avoid touching the ground as a Graboid is lurking in the ground. After the oil worker has perished, Earl is trying to go for some farming and doing about as well as you would expect when you blow your money on something like farming. Anyway, after a few regrets and curses being thrown Earl gets a knock on his door by what could be his biggest win. The owner of the refinery had put a bounty on each of these Graboids with 50,000 dollars for each kill made by Earl. At first, Earl declines but the owner’s driver convinces him to partake this journey.then he makes the journey to Mexico where he finds a gorgeous geologist named Kate Reilly along with her mechanic named Pedro. And her assistant named Julio.both of them will meet terrible fates later in the film. But continuing onward, The infestation seems to grow out of control and Earl is on his last legs and outcomes the one and only Burt Gumner!

Well, Earl had to call him on the whim for help as he was overwhelmed but even still when Burt came along we get to see some of the most awesome explosions onscreen. After a few more kills, Earl and his new partner Grady came across a Graboid that was acting very strangely. So our two heroes decide to follow the thing and see what it does. When they come across it. The beast decides to beach itself on the surface for an unknown reason that gives the two a chance to double their money by catching a live monster. With everything seeming like it is going well for the two, Earl comes up with a plan to transport the Graboid from the area to the base. But then something happens to the Graboid that sends them on a panic spree. With a massive hole that was made inside their Graboid, Earl and Grady are in over in their heads as they try to find help only for it to perish to the monsters that came out of the poor Graboid.

Suddenly they see the hope as the two manage to grab a ride with their first kill on the new monster that seems to have more creatures coming in with aggressive intent. But of course, they escape with their lives while they make their way back to the base. Burt himself doesn’t have the best luck in this one. out of ammo and out of options the crew ends up getting surrounded by these new beasts that seem to multiply with every piece of food given multiples the battlefield of men, women, and monsters. It is gore for more than we are reaching the most exciting portions of the movie that I dare not spoil for you as I got a feeling that you all will want to see for yourselves in the conclusion below.

The next blog and an update

For this section, I originally thought there were only three movies but it turns out there are four with one being a that will be affiliated here as well. I am also going to keep finding alternatives to produce the links with the stuff you guys want. But I might not find stuff in those companies so I will continue to use amazon as well as the others until I can deliver a product to you guys. That’s how my business works. they can take it or leave it. I guarantee that they will side with that statement. As per usual, I will be leaving the links below for your enjoyment and I hope to hear from you guys in the next blog versus since it is getting to be about that time of the month this go around. Cya later.

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