Hello and welcome back to classic giant monsters. Today we are going to discuss a movie that didn’t get much attention until now. A reminder I am an amazon affiliate.

The Story

The story starts with a film showing military testing of two big bombs that make big booms that shake people still to this day.

“As” we continue with the story We cut to our main character who is the head of the local mine that brings coal to power the lights of the town. The mine crew starts to draw out the work when we go to a scene where the main character speaks to one of the workers about a creaking floor that is a wonder on everyone’s mind. “As” you guys know when you are just smashed together in tight spaces with a lot of people around you. Some times you get into knock-down fights. That’s what happened with two side characters in the story as the fights continue to be a problem. “As” the mine is flooded out the two side characters disappear and now people are wondering if the side character called Goro was involved. So a lot of talk takes the main characters soon to be wife into a crazy
whirlwind of drama everyone just loves so much. (Sarcasm) The police get involved to find a body inside the mine. The people start to wonder what happened to the poor person with him being cut apart.





“As” our main character is comforting his would-be wife. We see our first monster named a giant worm with large claws. “As” our main character calls out to the police the monster starts to take the house apart when the police try to take it down. But that was a fail in a half. They eventually bring it to the cave and the army tries to machine gun it to death. Another fail in a half but now our hero decides to smash it with a minecart. Now we got something that kills the monster. But as every good monster movie goes. There is always more than one monster in the movie. “As” the second monster gets up to attack the mine falls apart trapping our hero in the process. The movie cuts to aftermath where the town experiences another earthquake. A scientist talks to the mayor to explain where the earthquake is and how it involves the volcano near the town. The mayor and a couple of people look into the exploration of a new hole made by the earthquake. In the while, they find the hole and see our hero inside the hole staggering around almost with no sense of direction.

We cut to a scene where we see the main character healing in a hospital with no memories of his life. His someday wife tries to comfort him and bring his memories back. (I would like to take a moment to point out that some stuff you see does have some point that struck a chord to me personally. But Let’s get back to the review.) When his soon to be wife shows that a pair of birds made an egg as soon as the main character looks into the nest the egg starts to hatch and we cut to a flashback where we see our main character is crewing in the dark cave where the mine used to be. “As” he goes to get up the start to see those wonderful monsters you just can’t seem to kill crawling all over the place with vicious intent. “As” he looks over the notices an egg sitting alone in an opening when the egg starts to hatch and low and behold we see the monster that is our focus for our story. Rodan (the giant dinosaur-like bird) begins to eat a few of those worms that crawl around all over the cave. We then cut back to a scene where Our hero is having a panic attack seeing and remembering the monsters. “As” we cut to a different scene we see the air force coming into contact with a UFO (An unknown object.) flying in the air. The pilot tries to follow it only to find it was too fast for his plane. “As” the plane is wrecked people are now starting to wonder what is going on. More planes around the world get more and more wrecked to the point where the news is starting to think there is more than one is flying in the sky.
As the story continues we see more of Rodan bring us some more monster action that is so awesome that you have to see it believe it.









We see a style that is looking like a reptile-like bird that for some reason has teeth that to me seems like too much for the monster. I feel like this is something that they could have lessened on. The color looked pretty ugly in my opinion as well with the overall style of making the monster just disarms the factor with this is a monster to be feared by. I think originally the color was to be a red color but with the video quality and the was changes happen with new tech updates the color goes from red to brown in a different lens.


Watching this movie and doing some searching in the library and there are a few things I should mention this movie seemed to inspire a few people in our culture over the years. The one that really took me by surprise was Steven king when he made a mention in his book IT.


To conclude this I would like to say that all in all this movie was good for the most part. It takes some time to get used to the style but In the end, you will enjoy it. As usual, my links are down below my content if you want to check it out and I will see you on the next post.




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