Rodan vs King Kong

Hello again, and welcome back to another vs series in the classic giant monsters. Bring you the content the blog can deliver with iconic matches that bring anyone to their knees with legendary opponents battling one on one in these iconic fight to the death events. I am sure everyone is going to be excited about this new installment. This time we have two overgrown giants duking out over who is the better monster with the oversized monkey battling a prehistoric chicken that loves to mess with people. I present to you King Kong vs Rodan.

King Kong is an ape.

What a time to be bringing in the holiday season. Holloween is an awesome time of the year for me, and what is better than two superpowered monsters that duel to the death in a neck-to-neck fight to the finish. Let’s start off with an ape we all know and love. King Kong comes barreling in with aggression delivering his massive frame that has defeated many enemies during this ape’s lifetime. From dinosaurs to oversized snakes this ape delivers everything needed to defeat such foes. This ain’t no monkey. Between the size, the strength and the intelligence of the creature, Kong is sure to carry this fight off with no problem.

However, as in everything we have always covered on the site, there are still weaknesses we need to go over with this thing. The ape doesn’t like to fly for one, Well that’s somewhat misleading, But it isn’t far from the situation. Kong never could get his mits on these planes that eventually took out the poor ape, so lying opponents might cause some trouble for the oversized ape.

The Big Bird Rodan

Now let’s talk about the next opponent for the ape with the prehistoric dinosaur Rodan. (Just a little thing that happens throughout, I sometimes interchange bird with dinosaur since they are somewhat the same thing. But that isn’t here or there.)

So we all know a bit of Rodan but for those of you who are new here, allow me to explain briefly. Rodan was a giant prehistoric dinosaur that was found in a mountain of a nearby village in japan. The bird manages to escape the confines after a series of events and reeks havoc all over the world. Being the fastest creature known to man in the air, Rodan speeds into this fight leaving most of his opponents in the dust, But the real question is, Will speed be enough to defeat the giant ape?

That remains to be seen. The sad thing about Rodan is that it’s the only real advantage the creature has over Kong. sure Rodan can talk to Godzilla and mothra to team up and fight some foe together, but there isn’t anything that says Rodan is a thinking monster like Kong is.

The place

There are many ways this can play out one way to one favor. Both sides can excel in any environment when we boil down to what their skills are. It’s a hard decision to decide what to do about this matter. The main thing that serves Kong as far as advantages go is the sheer size and power of Kong. Being similar to apes, Kong, similar to gorillas shows incredible power with being able to scale buildings and overturn trains.

Then you have Rodan who is known for flying faster than many jets that the creature has encountered in its lifetime. With that speed comes the winds that are so strong, they throw tanks in the air like paper. What I believe this fight would boil down to is which monster would get the first strike in.

Both creatures do have the potential to defeat each other with one blow. Both outmatch each other in respected abilities and both have made major impacts in a culture we know today. So without further delay, the winner of this fight is going to. King Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Kong

Well, that is an interesting question, But as with anything on here, I’ll give you an explanation as to why I believe Kong would be the winner. Kong has taken on many creatures in the past. one of the charming facts about the films is the sheer wonder these films have when it comes to Kong’s world. From Dinosaurs to oversized snakes, Kong has likely encountered it all during his time in these films. But no matter the contexts of the films the focus is mostly centered on the wonders of skull island within the original film, Kong is usually the answer to the important question I’m sure the audience is meant to question.

What can survive on such a hostile island? That answer is King Kong. So all in all while Rodan has the ability to survive on his own account, a lot more effort is taken on skull island that they can’t just simply fly away. Otherwise, there is no point in the symbol of the island. That is the mystery left in things humans don’t understand in the natural world.


Well, it looks like another one is in the bag for today guys. I am happy everyone got the chance to check out my work. I still have some improvement to do on this, That much hasn’t changed. But I will say that Im thankful to be given the chance to at least show you guys the passion I feel for these movies. They helped shape my childhood throughout the years and have been nothing but a blessing for me as a whole. Now we get into the deeper topics with these movies for the win. And man oh man do these movies seem amazing to me still.

Even after all this time, It never ceases to impress me with how much effort was put into the movies to make them so endearing to this day. between the Biollante model to King Ghidorah to even the animatronic Godzilla, a lot of effort and timing was put into these movies that make them so special to me. As we look into the future of these movies with new CGI special effects coming into play, There is no doubt that TOHO is going to bring out their A-game when it comes to the next generation of Godzilla movies.

Sorry about the rambling, But these movies are still very exciting to me and I wanted to convey that as best I can here. I hope someday these movies can bring out just as much excitement as they have done for me. I do know one thing about this. I know if nothing else, I can at least write out my thoughts to show you guys what I think about, and hopefully, everyone who visits can have a better understanding of who I am as a person. So this is Vic, signing off and I hope to see you guys in the next blog.


King Kong

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