Rexy vs an oversized octopus

Well, it is that time of the year again where we are heading into another vs for the week. Don’t worry, it isn’t a shark themed vs this month thankfully, But this is one that will address a preview of what I might do for next months movies. But regardless, This is a fight where you are going to have to focus on that biology that we all took in school that we slepet through.(don’t lie to me)(I know you did it at one point as well) In this vs we will be taking a look at two creatures who could fit the bill as “classic monsters” mainly for their memorable roles they had in childhoods. As per usual, The links are down below the content and the pictures were taken by, Marica Massaro

Jonathan Chen


The world of the T Rex

During the Triassic (This will be explained later) A towering beast made its way on land with one of the strongest bite force of any land animal alive. This monster we come to know of is the tyrannosaurs Rex, Or the T Rex as it is more famously called. A super large skull filled with the primitive brain juice that only has one thing in mind. Food. But this beast of burden does have a couple of downsides to its massive frame of 43 feet long and 7 tons of mountainous animal. As a matter of fact, It has been speculated that a single bite from this animal can carry 500 pounds of meat with each bite.(Reminds you of a few kids here and there doesn’t it?) But there are a few theories out there that does play against our Rexy when it comes to this fight. One of these involved its size being too big to be able to run.(Though I find this doubtful due to the muscle structure of the t Rex. Especially in the legs and how well-built and sturdy they were.) But a weakness I could see with the creature was its momentum in chasing prey, Mostly because of how heavy the front of the beast looks vs the tail meaning that it couldn’t make dead stops or couldn’t change directions fast enough in my opinion.

Octopus of radiation

Now we are at the point where we begin to talk about an oversize octopus from Ray’s collection of amazing creatures of stop motion. This blob from the ocean rises due to the low food supply that used to feed the creature how was affected by the radiation from atomic bombs being dropped and tested in its home. So with no food in its grasps the octopus decides to surface out in the open to find food. Imagine a monstrous creature that was 16 feet large and now reaching almost 50 feet of terror. This is what you would get with this beast of burden. Being able to snag a submarine just shows the sheer power of this beast as it holds the moving ship in place. Between the strength and a jet system to get out of danger we have a beast that can get out of any situation. Being dubbed as the most intelligent animal within the ocean. (I am just going to say right now that I never seen them do calculus so I wouldn’t know.)

The thing about these creatures is the fact they have soft bodies and can be easily disposed of if need be. Not only that but this is an ocean dweller who was ment to be submerged in water constantly. (Meaning that if it was to go out to dry land the poor thing could end up cooked calamari like one of those you see at olive garden when you place a order only for it to turn out not what you have been wanting.) But with that out of the way, I believe it is time to see Where a good place for these two to fight should be.

Where the fight to take space

Well this is one of those cases where you need to assume where you have to figure out something that balances between both sides of the spectrum. So I first came up with the concept of an island battle ground So that way the fight could be fairly blalanced and seeming appropriate for what I see. The next thing is me working out the defined location as to where exactly where this fight takes place. This is a truly East vs west situation as the different things have been in both sides of the USA. I say we should place this fight on Mount Desert Island around Maine. The biggest reason why is it would fit both styles of creatures. Mountainous and at the same time treeless. So no one has a predator advantage in this fight.

How it all ends

Now the results of our cohesive win for this massive war between land and sea will be decided. Just imagining what would be occurring in this is a bit of a challenge. But in this fight I might have another idea as to what beast will win. Think about it this way, which animal do you think can pull against the force of another? The conclusion I am up with is The one, the only Octopus is the winner A lot of this has to do with the fact that this creature is an usual anomaly in our echo system. It mainly involves a lot of solid muscle of beast crashing into the ocean and drowning through all that power going on.
As per the standard, I am going to ask you guys to keep viewing this and I will see you on the next blog.


Jurassic Park(Prime only)

It came from beneath the sea(DVD only)

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