Rayharryhusen Facts To Know

Ray Harryhausen Facts

Sometimes we have a few of the movies where the special effects and models of the monsters captivate us in new ways we never saw in a long time. And a short reminder all links are provided by amazon.

We would see some black and whites that give us a reminder of an old-time when we would see some really cheesy special effects that take some interest out of the movie when we compare to the movies of today. Then we get someone who has done a lot for his industry that would be so frustrating for us that we would give up on the first hour of doing the project. This is where our man above comes into play.

Fact number one:

He made his claim to fame when he did stop motion for a movie we know as Mighty Joe Young. But did you know that Ray had studied under the tutelage of a veteran of stop motion named Willis O’Brien? The same guy who did the stop motion effects for King Kong. Yeah during this time Ray was still getting into the water of stop motion Willis was urging him to take classes in graphic arts and sculpture. Then once Willis felt Ray was ready he decided to do a collab with Ray to make the Mighty Joe Young we see now.

The Greatest Movies He Worked On.

These are the following movies he has worked on that have made the biggest impact on the industry.

Mighty Joe Young

The beast from 20,000 fathoms

The 7th voyage of Sinbad


It came from beneath the sea


Clash of the Titans

These are just some movies he has done. I might leave links to should anyone be looking to buy some more movies.


Personal bio

This is where we look at the person behind the animation of his works.

He was born on June 29th, 1920 in Los Angeles California under the full name of Raymond Frederick Harryhausen.

After seeing the movie king Kong on its first release Raymond decided to start going into stop motion by experimenting with some animated shorts inspired by science fiction genre of the time.

He made his first commercial model-animation job on George pal’s Puppetoons shorts, based on viewing a demo reel of fighting dinosaurs from the project called Evolution of the world which was never finished.

During world war2 Raymond served under the United States Army special services under the command of Colonel Frank Capra as a loader, clapper boy, gofer and later a camera assistant. Whilst working at home animating short films about the use and development of military equipment. During that time he met with a composer named Dimitri Tiomkin and an early Ted Geisel(“Dr. Seuss”) Following that war Ray manages to scavenge some 16mm surplus film that he then decided to make some fairy tale shorts which he called his teething rings.

The first film that Raymond was in charge of (That’s also a personal favorite of mine) Is the 1950s classic of The beast from 20,000 fathoms. (Not to go too far off-topic but I remember the scene where a fishing boat is just returning to the harbor when all of a sudden the monster pounces on the boat repetitively to make it sink to the bottom with no survivors on board.) It was also the first film that Ray introduced the first film technique Dynamation, Which splits the back and foreground shot of a pre-live shot.



Big Movies I Like

The beast from 20,000 fathoms, Mighty Joe Young, It came from beneath the sea, and 20million miles to earth are some movies I got to see and enjoy for some good old stop-motion action. There was a scene from 20 million miles to earth that got my attention as to an idea I wondered about for a very long time. What happened was the monster manages to escape from its containment and ends up fighting an elephant to a death that shows an interesting angel when the two begin to fight. The camera switches from the live-action to the stop motion in split seconds like it was in the set of the movie the whole time.

The animation seemed to run smoothly with the action and the fight its self kept you on your toes for a time.


Plot Sumarry Of The Movie

To give you a little context of a summary of 20 million miles to earth without spoiling it for you a spaceship made by the USA traveling to Venus crashes into the ocean with a specimen on board off the coast of Italy. A little boy finds a jar containing the creature and brings it to a doctor of the educated variety that studies biology and low and behold the doctor wonders what the boy brought over. All the boy mentions are that he found it in the sea and that’s when the chaos begins.


The End Of Our Story

It’s time to come to the end of our journey. With so many inspirations from the most famous creators of all time, It’s hard to imagine we got so much from just one person. Like

; Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, George Lucas, John Landis,

and Nick Park

are just some people who would go on to make some greatest stories we have ever seen on film that was inspired by Raymond Harryhausen.

In this conclusion, we have gone over a career of a person that from out of nowhere it seems made some most memorable stories ever seen in the giant monsters fan base. With so much under the belt that fills lifetimes of resumes and stores of wonderful products it brings me some joy to give you some of my thoughts on this article

the site I used for today’s research is brought to you by Wikipedia I use it off and on when I do a bio on a big name in the fan base and more than likely you will see more bios of infamous persons of the industry of giant monsters that came out or that will show up in our future.

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