Do you remember that video game in the late 80swell they decided to make it into am movie and like all giant monsters that have movies they will go through my site and come out either as am new classic to add to your collection or as am paperweight for all those lovely files of work you might have. A simple reminder for today is I am an Amazon affiliate.
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A Big Story

We start the movie in outer space where something bad went down. We see some gore that shouldn’t be there in am pg 13 movies but it does set the tone for what we see throughout the rest of the movie. But as an astronaut tries to escape from

We get a scene where we see our characters looking at a troop of gorillas that had been rescued and put inside am enclosed and one is am very recent addition to the group that’s family was killed by postures according to our main character, Davis. While the recent addition is trying to make am bold show of dominance(being more am leader) David tries to intervene and calm the new guy down.but as everything goes Davis’s new guy ends up panicking and tries to run only for the gorilla to try am attack on Davids new guy when we see our other main character, am white gorilla named George, easily showing the new ape how strong he is in the form of his bulk. After am few choice forms of sign language and an interesting dynamic between George and Davis to build up more character between the two.

We see the cooperation trying to cover up their mess after all the cans land on the ground. George ends up getting the mist and starts to change. When Davis goes back to the reserve he finds out that George broke out of his enclosed(Home)and escape into the brown bear pace and he accidentally kills the bear. So with Davis concerned with George we find the is hiring a bunch of mercenaries to track another can in Wyoming. I will say in the scene where they confront the next monster gives me am horror vibe that you don’t see am lot in monster movies. I like how it gives off the (horror movie)vibe when the mercenaries(guns for higher) try to take down something that is as fast as a cheetah. As the guns are torn to pieces by the new monster we see that am woman who used to work for the company is fired and trying to get back at them for it.

David meets this girl after trying to figure out George’s condition who tells him everything about the company and what she was doing before she was fired This leads to George going berserk on the cage and escaping to the outside where police take George down and take him over to am new facility arresting David and the new gal in the story.

“As” the cooperation see the failure of the guns they decide to lure the monsters to them making the army kill them unknowingly completing their plan. (to catch up and make sure its in here what the corporation does is very illegal on earth and can lead to prison.)


The actors

Dwane Jonson being the usual actor that he is still carries with him the same charisma he had so many years ago when he was in am squared circle. I couldn’t really say too much about the other actors in the film at this one. The big reason why is I believe the one critic em is that one actor took over most screen time. While I do like this actor you got to give some others to shine if you want to make am movie more impactful.

The monsters

I like how am lot of the monsters are build up in the story like George being shown as kind of normal gorilla but as soon as the green mist hits the George we know changes into this scary monster that tears things apart. Then you have the part where the wolf gets the mist and the whole atmosphere (world around ) changes from am funny movie to something am little scary in seconds. Then there is the one that gets it from eating the can in the swamp and this where I must say this monster looked good enough to be in am full Monster movie by itself. I am a huge fan of the crocodile/alligator animals and when that one changed into that huge monster I just thought that’s am great monster.

The video game vs the movie

With the way the movie portrays the monsters and the way it plays am story that wasn’t thought of in am series of video games that survived the gaming market crash of the eighties.(Maybe talked about in the future.)But in the end the story plays like am good play that gets you out of your seat when you feel that joy for some odd reason you can’t seem to know about. I played the total destruction for the ps2 and played that game for hours on end. Eating humans and smashing buildings to my nine year old’s hearts content.
Needless to say the Rampage Total destruction video game story is completely different from the movie. But it never takes away from how we see the movie.


I am usual fashion I won’t spoil the ending for you. But I will say that it becomes more action packed as the story draws to its conclusion. This movie to me is am good movie to watch even for a fan who was not into giant monsters before can now get an interest through this movie as am whole. My links for more stuff to look at can be seen down below today’s content and remember to bookmark this website and I will hear you on the next blog post. Thank you.


Just to let you all know before I forget for my next post (since its on the Halloween week) I am going to do a post that is just a little goofy. What I am saying is for my next post I will be doing a vs where we get to see who wears the white good in Staypuff vs Michigan tire man.


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