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This is just a concept that I wanted to do on this site to help improve who I am and this site as a whole. But there will be some entertainment value on this site involving Kaiju/Giant monsters. I will develop more things as I go here. I plan on developing more and more content. that is also going to include video content in the future. I know a lot of people from where I got my humble beginnings are starting to take things over to a video format. I also want to address the simple changes that happened with how things are. So without further ado, here are a few things about the site.

Here we are

Let’s start with how things are, As you all know, things have been going on in my life that affected the content creation of this site as a whole. However, there are still going to be spots of content out there that will be delivered to your phone or laptop just as before, Just, for now, things are a little wacky, But soon, we are going back to the song and dance everyone loves to enjoy.


Personal Bio

I am still going to be delivering personal bios as there are still many characters and persons of interest that affected what we know today. There are many people here and there that have made so many strides within the industry. Some things might have delayed the initial story with the usual personal bio.

But these will still be done by introducing a legendary actor from TOHO’s massive library of amazing performers




There are many ways to deliver content at breakneck speeds. And one of the best ways to deliver happens to be in a video format, So Classic giant monsters are going to deliver content in the video format with the name, Kaiju Talk! It’s all very exciting, to say the least.

With the constant changes with technology out there and the improvements to our lives as a whole, Classic giant monsters, take another step into the world of upgrades involving the medium of video, specifically, Youtube. There are still a few things that will need to be done to find success on that platform, there’s always a way and classic giant monsters will always find a way to perfect it.

Between some gaming concepts white world of tanks and a couple of other games, I always try to tie it in with Giant monsters. there are many ways people can tie this in with monster movies. I will not bore everyone here with the details, But I will say, Each and everyone has the potential to provide the monster content we all know and love.


The thoughts to think about

coming up with new concepts, I will be focusing more and more on providing insights as to what could be what we see. Like how I would direct Gamera the super monster for the most part. That’s what describes what I plan on providing shortly of the website as a whole.

I would also encourage all to make comments down below if you guys have any ideas or questions about the content provided. Most of what I will be doing is giving my thoughts on how things are with classic giant monsters. We are always looking to improve the content in any way we can.

The thing about this site and how I run it has to be the openness of the platform. I love the idea that I can give out the best type of content while providing an open platform for ideas everyone could be having here. It’s an interesting concept to work with as a whole because I feel there are not enough word press sites that can provide something so open. Do I have creative control? Absolutely,


Well, after a long moment of ranting about the problems of the world and what the plans are for this website, I think we have reached the end of the content. Me being the type of guy that I am, I just want to thank all of you for the support that you have given me. I know there are plenty of reasons to doubt me at times, truth be told, I see no reasons why you would still check out my content some days, But even still, I am thankful for the continued support thought my journey.

So here’s to the joy of the new future that’s to behold. Between the youtube life and possibly including more guests to the content, it is going to be another exciting year for classic giant monsters. Where we deliver some of the best giant monster-related content the business has ever seen. Delivering the best content for you guys to enjoy and will continue to do so for the remainder of the impressive future we have to behold.

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