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I had watched this movie and here is a review you are just going to love. And let me tell you I sure don’t.
The way I have always counted giant monsters is something that’s larger than life and leaves an impact on people either good or bad. All pictures were taken by Christopher Michel


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What Is A Killer Whale?

A killer whale is a creature that lives in the ocean and is a mammal by nature. (Meaning like us.)

Where does the name killer whale come from? The name comes from a Spanish term named “Ballena asesina” being worded for me is the assassin whale. (Even though it is actually a dolphin.)
It was named that by some sailors who saw the “Killer whale” get the larger animals in the ocean for food.

The whale can grow to a size of 9 meters/29f.t for USA people reading. And come in weighing at 7257kg/15,998 pounds.

I sure wouldn’t want that one as a pet. Could you imagine all that poop you would have to clean out of the aquarium?

Plus all that food you would feed them would make you just fall over all the time. (300 IB/136KG) I know what you are thinking. (But they can do some cool tricks and you can pet them and stuff.) That can be true but remember this. They will remember if you decide to not feed them one day and you never know. If that game console you got for Christmas is close to the tank I am sure they can find out how to get some payback.


They also have a way to talk behind your back that will just floor you with confusion.

The Movie

our movie starts out with a cinematic dance with the orcas have together before love. As the movie progresses we hear the sounds of the orcas singing in the background we soon fall into a scene where a professor records some sounds in the background for her classroom. She talks about how the killer whale is a smart animal that could out-think us, humans, if given the chance. We then cut to a scene where we have a fisherman looking to catch a live Great White shark to get lots of money when he sells it.

But there are a few divers in the area studying the orcas when they saw the boat and try to talk to them. As everything is going on we see a kid fall into the water and the shark comes after him for lunch. But of course we can only dream as one of the orcas saved the poor teen from being lunch.( you can tell I really like this kid for being the save everything type) sarcasm So the captain (we will just call him Blondie because why not.) brings the kid aboard unwillingly but then gets a shock of his life as his shark he was catching is through off in the air only to land in the water with a splat.

After that Blondie decides to try to catch an orca which ends very badly to the point of scaring him out of fishing for a long time.

The male orca is very mad and just starts to destroy things like there is no tomorrow. In true giant monster action, there are a few things blowing up and a few scared people mixed up in the mix. So after the town goes after Blondie for making this mess He decides to(with the help for the professor unwillingly)
try to kill the orca. Over the journey, we see a bunch of crew members being lost to attacks the male orca is making. Soon we reach the point where Blondie is going insane and everyone wonders if they are going to make it out of there alive. As per usual I won’t spoil the ending for you. But I will say this. If you do decide to watch this movie yourself and read the book Moby Dick you won’t be surprised at the ending at all.

What One Sees

The movie reminds me of the book by Melvin Hermal called Moby Dick where we see the main character chase a larger than life sea creature to a life or death struggle that grounds to a conclusion.
And I hate to say it but that’s how the movie I am reviewing above ends. ( for the kids reading this post read the book trust me.) 😉
But as for everything else you see here it to me is about as dull of an environmental movie as you can get. (it is a term I use when a movie tries to send a message of saving the planet and whatnot. Which to me is the most boring message that always blames people for something stupid that maybe was meant to die off?)

What I Don’t Like

oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this stinking movie.
Like the tiring oh save the planet think of the planet Bla you hear all the time in those types of movies. I have never liked the message to save every animal in the world mainly because I tend to find things like that pointless. Nature is a powerful force to be reckoned with. I can understand saving animals form our own causes of extinction. But I think stuff like save this animal because fossil fuel is going to make them go extinct is getting carried away.

But some other things I don’t like is the characters can’t seem to problem-solve for themselves. To give you an idea when the captain tries to figure out the Orca he does something stupid as in making a scarecrow so the Orca could get the revenge and save his own skin even though he already knows that the Orca saw what he looks like and can see colors so I doubt that a scarecrow is going to fool something that is out for blood.



As you can tell when I reviewed this movie I really didn’t like this movie. I felt as though the focus on the movie was more about the environment rather than the actual orca itself. I wanted to review this movie in the thoughts that you know maybe this isn’t like those other cheap environments but like all expectations in life (some times when you get lemonade no one puts the sugar in it. Or when they do it’s usually sweetened and not real sugar.)

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