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Yep, as you find out here I decided to take a different approach from the usual personal bios I usually market here. Instead, I wanted to try to give you guys an interesting perspective on an idea as to how I could make The last showa Gamera movie better using the same stuff that was used in all the films while introducing some new ideas that never made it out of Daiei studios. So keep your eyes peeled on this blog because we are going to go where no other blog has gone before.



for the projector

Lorie Shaull

for special effects stunt.

Let’s start with the story.

Now as in the way of stories go I felt as though the story focused more on the alien space women rather than the children which almost every film revolved around.children. So it is in my best interest to have the movie revolve around Keiichi and give some sort insight into his school life. Maybe we could focus on a few easter eggs inside the movie about the original movies. Maybe start doing some names drops like Keiichi having a turtle named Peewee? Then the next cut should go to focus on the space women trying to escape the alien overlord named Zanon after the three managed to steal away a certain item that is key to controlling the universe. Needless to say, they manage to crash land near Keiichi’s home where he decides to investigate the noise. That is when we find the three women shrunken inside their spaceship that looks like a lunch box and Keiichi discovers more and takes the women inside. (Insert some form of dialogue here)

Later on, in the next cut, we see the spaceship that is still chasing the signal where the space women were heading. Eventually, the ship turns its sights to earth but can’t make a landing because of the oxygen being poisonous to the alien overlord

(If you would like to see more of this work above let me know and I will set up an announcement for the next time I will do this.)

special effects

For this portion of this post, I will be going over practical effects I would use in the film during the 80s. I would also be going over certain shots of the film in a way that it would look pleasing to many fans alike. I would also see about bringing back Gamera’s spin for a few shots because who doesn’t like that spin. I might also play around with some angles to give a good vibe on the action(maybe even include some below shots from a child’s perspective when watching the fight.)The next focus should be on coloring. I was always one for giving color for shots that give off certain emotions when I feel it works for the movie. One thing I would also focus on is the explosions for the movie(Am I starting to sound like Michael bay yet?)But I would focus on how the explosions would look in certain angles. I also would focus on the connecting between the fights of the monsters and maybe try out an explosion where we would gain a more flame effect to destroy the other monsters.

order of the monsters

This is where I talk about the reasons why I have monsters appear in a certain order while introducing a couple of new monsters that never made it to a film that would have been interesting to see. Let’s start things with Barugon being the first monster sighting inside Kōchi on the island of Shikoku Japan. Because we all want to build up a monster. Most likely for all these monsters, Zanon will have collected some samples to make clones out of all the monsters. As for the rest of the monster’s appearance, I would have them appear in the order they showed up in previous movies Since the monsters will be clones in the movie, I would see about playing around with the colors of each monster. (with the exception of the lost ones) I would change the tone of the skin color depending on the monsters. Take Barugon for example, I would make the skin more transparent to fit the icy demeanor of the monster. For Gyaos, I would do the opposite and darken the skin to give off a primal evil look that is seen through childhood. The rest of the colors of the others will stay similar to changes being in the tones of the overall color scheme between light and dark overlays.

How to cast the movie

This is where I would talk about the cast and why I did what I did for casting roles. I will also be going over stunt effects that I thought would work for the film. I will also keep the original characters in the movie but I feel as though the last showa Gamera film should have an older version of the child from the first Gamera film Toshio should make an appearance may be in the form of an old adult who keeps seeing Gamera fighting but is having trouble remembering what he was involved with this turtle. Just to give you an example of how to give that one an interesting concept of a personality.


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