Mothra vs Varan

Another vs coming to you from that part of the internet you rarely explore, This is classic giant monsters!!!!! As per usual, all pictures below will be quoted if there is a name. renewing the copyright is the biggest thing when dealing with these pictures at every picture.

To make sure everything is understood with how this works on both ends. I am going to start by mentioning that I give my opinions on overall as to what abilities each creature carries throughout each brand of their respected movies. I will also point out the reasons as to why I concluded as I did with each mention of every monster.





Charles James Sharp






Let’s start with the more recognizable of the two Mothra. To explain I need to give you a little more than “Just a giant moth”

But this creature came out in its own movie and faced numerous monsters that outmatch it in almost every way. It is like despite the odds Mothra will overcome the challenge in some way, “Sort of like a certain turtle we all know and love.” But with that out of the way, let’s talk about what this creature can actually do.

We both know this creature can fly, for obvious reasons being the giant moth.

Mothra can also produce a type of poison that almost can paralyze any living creature. It is shown with Godzilla vs Mothra in the movie. Being able to control the wind speeds with its wings, Mothra is a dangerous being that earned the title as a god of endo island.

sparkling bolts of lightning shoot from the wings delivering a massive amount of damage to any enemy foolish enough to tangle up close to the oversized moth.

Now we get to the more advanced abilities Mothra has or has relations to. between being psychic only shows the intelligence of the said creature. While that is going on there is also the male version of the monster with Mothra Leo being the most powerful of the species.

Charles J Sharp

Being able to change body type to fight many types of opponents. to split off into smaller versions to communicate with humans makes this monster all the more dangerous. can also continue to gain power using the trees surrounding where a Mothra Leo is at. A very powerful kaiju to say the least with this new creature.

But let’s go into the weakness of these creatures as there are weak points a creature could have at a given time.

When they first start, they are in a lava state that carries a soft body that can transverse through the water. The larva body is a little smaller than the adult form. coupled with the fact that the lava form is limited with its abilities including the spraying silk at enemies it would normally use to cacoon itself into a mothra.



Charles J Sharp



Now let’s go into the flying lizard Varan. the only things coming from this mostly is the ability to glide and having armor scales. But there is more with this creature than just that. if we involve video games(there is the sonic wave the creature can produce similar to bats with radar.)

Mike Prince

But now let’s get into the weakness of the character as a whole mainly because there isn’t much to go on. Basically and an oversized modern lizard with flaps for GLIDING. But aside from that, there isn’t much to the character as far as weaknesses go. Both monsters are relatively the same size as the approach. The only thing that is focused on is how limited Varan is.

Varan doesn’t have the abilities like Mothra does as far as extra perks are concerned with powers. The only real positive working for varan when in this fight is if that creature can catch a Mothra off guard. Physically I can see how varan would win(Minor spoiler here) if Varan could keep close to Mothra and never let the creature getaway, That would be the best way I could see Varan as a winner.

K. Mohan Raj

Area of the fight

This part is where we think about where these creatures should be said to fight. That is going to be a tough one for me because like the fight, there can be many variables that can play out with this one. Obviously, we could consider a part of japan as a focal point in this location but where exactly is going to be the question. I am thinking along the lines of the region of Japan called Hokkaido. The reason why I decided to pick the region is I felt as though it was the most balanced in areas where these two could use to fight.

A mountainous region filled to the brim with places filled with destructible environments coupled with just how far this will go.

The winner

After much examination between the two monsters and placing this on the Twitter voting system, I came to the same conclusion the polling system did(As I am sure you guys figured out) I am going to say Mothra is the winner of the fight. It should be made obvious that this creature won mostly due to the survivability of the creature when changed into its multiple forms.

Twitter voting poll


Well, another vs is finally done for the month going forward and happens to be the last of 2020. While the year has been rough on all of us I am sure there has been many ups and downs in everyone’s minds. But here is to 2021. Check out the links down below once again as we come to a close. stay safe, keep watching giant monster movies and I will see you next year.

Mothra trilogy

Varan (DVD only)

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